Mahathir Mohamad, who served as the prime minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003, is planning a return to politics and he has been chosen as the curr

Michael Kemp, first officer from Air Mauritius, was found on Wednesday morning, 27 December, in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kemp is current


This week features Weekly’s commemorative end-of-year edition. Taking a tongue-in-cheek view, we shine a light on the year’s most important and most

With the higher education bill passed in parliament this week to replace the Tertiary Education Act, Weekly speaks to former Minister of Education, S


Christmas time comes with food galore, drinks a flowing and being surrounded by friends and family. While everyone likes the Christmas atmosphere and

One of the dramatic changes to Port Louis over the past two years has inevitably been the relocation of hawkers from the streets to the three hawkers


There was little suspense on Monday 18 December for the results of the by-election in the Belle-Rose-Quatre Bornes constituency. While many observers

The by-election in Belle Rose-Quatre Bornes will be held tomorrow, Sunday 17 December, after months of campaigning for the 40 candidates on the ballo


Navin Ramgoolam, leader of the Labour Party, has tried to bring a conclusive answer to the ongoing debate over who will head the parliamentary group

One of the major aspirations of pan-Africanism is to create an integrated and prosperous Africa, where diversity and multiculturalism thrive, and the


In a conference organised by the Mouvement Patriotique earlier this week, addiction specialists David Mété and Uvarajen Paratian sought to dismiss pr

  Is Mauritius Telecom’s (MT) efforts to replace all copper phone lines with high-performance fibre optics good news or a potential security threat


Ramesh Basant Roi's contract as governor of the Bank of Mauritius has not been renewed. His contract will end next week, and he will be replaced by Y

A drug trial aimed at slowing the progression of Huntington’s disease has shown positive result in what has been branded as an “enormously significan

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