This article was published in Weekly No. 354 of 20 June 2019. After looking into what domestic waste can be recycled and where to drop your recyclab

Multinational transport network company Uber Technologies Inc. is taking it up a notch. After it successfully launched its peer-to-peer ridesharing,


Part of the Côte D’Or national sports complex was launched by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth on Monday, as the first Indian Ocean Islands Game (IOIG

  The torch of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIGs) arrived on Mauritian soil early on Saturday morning on a flight from Reunion, where the previou


  This article was published in Weekly No. 341 of 21 March 2019. The Mauritian fruit bat, also known as the Mauritian flying fox, has been in the g

Littering is a habit Mauritians are yet to break free from. It is even more deplorable when much of the litter strewing our environment is actually r


If you’ve tried many diets before and, like many others, just ended up putting all the weight back on, then maybe you might want to consider putting

Global experts, thinkers, practitioners, journalists, politicians and innovators are currently in Geneva to discuss the state of disaster risk across


As India gears up for its general election, one must not lose sight of the sheer size of the exercise, which has been described as the “biggest human

This article was published in Weekly No. 339 of 7 March 2019.  The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Better the balance, better th


This article was published in Weekly No. 340 of 14 March 2019. After a second case of full remission from HIV was recorded last week, worldwide hope

“I was thirteen. Since I was thirteen in Chagos. I was thirteen. I held the coconut knife in my hand. The British came. The British masters landed in


This article was published in Weekly No. 290 of 22 March 2018.  Last week, Weekly published the leaked January agreement between India and the Seych

Jean Claude de l’Estrac’s book, Jugnauth-Bérenger: Ennemis Intimes 1982-1995 can be read on several levels. It can be viewed – as perhaps intended –

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