The Labour Party’s Arvin Boolell, on September 11, stated that it was the Labour Party that led to the creation of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth’s

Liz Truss has become the new prime minister of the United Kingdom, replacing Boris Johnson. What can Mauritius expect from her new government, and wh


The MMM has re-floated the idea of lowering the minimum voting age to 16, after first coining the idea back in 2021, and pledging to include it in th

The global community is confronting a number of unprecedented crises: from the ongoing challenge of Covid-19 variants and stalled efforts on climate


Agalega is back in the news, after it has been linked to the ‘sniffing’ affair currently roiling Mauritian politics and landing New Delhi in a geopol

One unintended consequence that ex-CEO Sherry Singh’s allegations against the prime minister has thrown into the spotlight is the practice of Mauriti


The controversy over MP Joanna Bérenger’s post on social media being fuelled by the government has now made its way into the National Assembly, with

The former CEO of Mauritius Telecom and key government insider Sherry Singh came up with a bombshell as he quit the telecoms giant: alleging that pri


Kenya is now positioning itself as a financial centre looking to go into fintech. Nairobi’s rise is part of a larger pattern of more African states w

In a recent speech regarding budgetary measures for 2022–23, the Mauritian minister of finance, economic planning and development, Renganaden Padayac


With the coming into force of twin laws – the Electricity Act 2005 and the Central Electricity Board (Amendment) Act 2020 – the Central Electricity B

How much can the National Assembly insulate itself from criticism? This question will be raised after parliament has sent a case to the Director of P


This year, employers are being prompted to contribute to the Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund (PRGF). However, the 2022-23 budget has introduced som

The surfacing of videos showing police brutality and the subsequent arrest of police officers have led to demands for the introduction of the Police