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  The most elementary definition of a caste is the constant reproduction of an occupation through hereditary transmission. Now, there are no occupat

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth was an angry man in parliament. He blamed the opposition’s ‘hysteria’ for forcing his hand in scrapping the governmen


1969 was one of the most important turning points in the history of independent Mauritius, as well as perhaps one of its most misunderstood. That yea

  Two weeks ago parliament decided to let the Electoral Commission decide in which of the constituencies to place the Chagos, in much the same way t


  Mauritius is now allied with Saudi Arabia in its fight against “terrorism”. It’s allied with the kingdom in its policies regarding Yemen (a bloo

Education has always figured prominently in political ideology in Mauritius. Locked out of economic power, political parties, their voters and the st


  This article was published in Weekly No. 341 of 21 March 2019. The Mauritian fruit bat, also known as the Mauritian flying fox, has been in the g

The state owes an explanation to Noelle Adelaide. She worked as a domestic helper in a house in Union Park when she found out that her employer had s


  The Betamax fight is as political as it is commercial. Veekram Bhunjun, the brother-in-law of former Labour Minister Rajesh Jeetah, gets a con

It is written so we all have to pretend it is real. Even if we know we will never actually see it. The by-election in No. 7 Piton-Rivière du Rempart,


      You don’t look for a revolution in the last budget presented at the end of a government’s term. The whole purpose of such a budget is to

If the National Assembly is being reduced to the level of a mere District Council, the level of cabinet also seems to be in freefall. The question is


The tourism minister, Anil Gayan, is at the centre of a controversy. He talked about honour killings in Pakistan a couple of years ago and the video

The Rezistans ek Alternativ (ReA) seems to be doubling down on its strategy: it has a case in the Supreme Court to allow candidates to stand in elect

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