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Now that the dust has settled around the Lam Shang Leen report on the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs, it’s time to take a dispassionate look at what

  Khoda Pahar, nikla chuha (we dug a mountain and found only a mouse). This Urdu expression seems quite an apt summary of the government’s strat


With the steady diet of listening to ‘India-bashing’, ‘little India’, ‘big brother’ and the prime minister becoming the self-appointed guardian of De

With the suspension of the penalty point system and the temporary switching off of the speed cameras, the new government is carrying out a key campai


If only it were that easy. A little trick of accountancy and poof… reality can be altered at a whim. All governments wish for that power but none rea

Mauritians are disillusioned with their system of government. One indication of this is the perennial rage and mockery directed towards the political


  From time to time Mauritius is inexplicably gripped by one hysteria or another. Lately it’s been terrorism. A strange obsession in a country w

Who would have thought it? Bangladeshi workers now have a new champion: it is Shakeel Mohamed. With two other opposition parliamentarians in tow, he


The PMSD has long stuck to its guns over the Best Loser System (BLS), with some of its members such as Kushal Lobine not hesitating to say that they

Sunil Bholah, minister of business, enterprise and cooperatives, is facing allegations that his ministry is interfering in a land sale being consider


Think of it like the fox offering to investigate the chicken coop. The government has said that it will look into how the Financial Services Commissi

Minister of Energy and Public Utilities Ivan Collendavelloo is busy planting a peculiar time-bomb, and one that will be remembered as his most famous


Even before the Britam commission has finished its work, it has already yielded some disturbing fruit. Anerood Jugnauth – prime minister when the Bri

12 March is now universally celebrated across the country as our Independence Day. But few are aware of just how the actual independence ceremony in

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