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          A general rule: as elections come closer, the crazier the political slogans get. And so it was in the days following Women’s Day a

  This week we speak with Elizabeth Dietrichsen, business development manager at the Australian Trade and Investment Commission about studying in Au


It sounds like a bad movie: five minutes in, you already know how it’s going to end. Palmar closing down, and 1,300 workers losing their jobs, is gre

The crux of the Labour Party’s politics has always rested with the creation of a ‘state bourgeoisie’. The strategy, in broad strokes, has been as fol


Akilesh Deerpalsing has been to the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) and Roshi Bhadain might follow. Their crime? Recruiting politica

The trouble with the God-making business in Mauritius is that no one learns anything. Nowhere is this more clear than in the televised nonsense that


  In the wake of the prime minister, Pravind Jugnauth, appearing at the Privy Council in the MedPoint case, a curious thing seems to be happenin

  The government wants to reduce the cost of higher education. In this, the ruling MSM party is taking a leaf out of the Labour Party’s old play


  The year is ending with the ruling MSM-ML bloc getting frayed at the edges. It’s looking increasingly clear that Ivan Collendavelloo’s ML is on th

One of the tropes that the opposition – as well as the media – has fallen for is to dismiss the government as a ‘weak’ one. The opposition relishes i


The Yellow Vests seem to be met with much incomprehension on these shores. To understand what’s happening in France, one needs to remember that the c

  The judiciary is in danger of becoming ridiculous. Right at the time when the courts are increasingly becoming places where political careers


  The PMSD leader Xavier Luc Duval is playing with fire. This is in sharp contrast to how he has worked until recently to distance himself from the

The first thing to realise about the debate on the death penalty is that it’s not a debate at all. Or at least not in the sense of two sides exchangi

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