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Aadil Ameer Meea has been the first to say what surely must be on everyone else’s mind within his party. Meeting with party agents over the weekend,

History seems to be repeating itself as the new leader of the opposition, Arvin Boolell, will have a number of daunting hurdles and challenges that h


Mauritius is a conservative wife-beating society. This was the conclusion of V.S Naipaul when he visited Mauritius in the 1970s and from the looks of

Critics of government policy in Mauritius generally fall within either of two camps: on the left, mainstream parties are universally decried as ‘neol


A vote for the MMM is a vote for the MSM. This was the leader of the Labour Party Navin Ramgoolam this week. The spectre that’s increasingly haunting

The Basic Retirement Pension paid by the state has become one of the most potent weapons that each party is looking to wield this election. The MSM a


There are few words more abused in the Kreol language than Politik Otreman. This is a phrase (usually a poorly-defined grab-bag of pious wishes and s

    Surveillance of political opponents is becoming a major issue with reports appearing on social media that with the aid of an Israeli firm,


In this frantic week, there has been another sideshow that’s been going on. That is, the one that is being run by Ashok Subron and the Rezistans ek A

Mauritius is increasingly becoming a politically disoriented country. The proof: no political party is genuinely popular. They cannot attract the mas


There is something crazy about Mauritius and its attitude to immigration. Just how strange the situation is becoming was highlighted last week when f

Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it. Those wanting to see a three-cornered fight so that each party can show what it’s really worth e


After Steven Obeegadoo claimed that he was heading towards the MSM because 80 per cent of his supporters wanted it, now it’s Alan Ganoo’s turn. Claim

The MMM says it wants to create a ‘super ministry’ combining the Ministries of Energy and Agriculture to combat environmental challenges. Put in plai

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