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  The judiciary is in danger of becoming ridiculous. Right at the time when the courts are increasingly becoming places where political careers

  The PMSD leader Xavier Luc Duval is playing with fire. This is in sharp contrast to how he has worked until recently to distance himself from the


The first thing to realise about the debate on the death penalty is that it’s not a debate at all. Or at least not in the sense of two sides exchangi

The Ministry of Financial Services is a very special institution, even as Mauritian institutions go. In its all-too-brief existence since 2015, it ha


It’s not every day that Rodrigues makes its way into a PNQ in the Mauritian National Assembly. That’s how high it figures in the plans of Xavier-Luc

Like most capitalisms in decay, the Mauritian variety is characterised by an economic squeeze on its middle class. One of the ways in which this has


  Everybody, apart from the PMSD that is, seems dead-set against the reintroduction of the communal census. The MMM – that abolished the census

If the government gets its reform proposals pushed through, Rodrigues might get its long-standing wish for increased representation in parliament ful


The former deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, has declared war on Paul Lam Shang Leen. He accuses the former Supreme Cou

In the evolution of any democracy, as in most things, progress must be perpetual, otherwise any system soon ossifies. Or worse, it starts going backw


In the old days, shamans smoked or ate herbs to put their own gloss on the depressing realities of their times. In today’s more materialistic age, th

  The police force is currently going through a serious crisis. The government has decided to set up a task force to look into people named in the L


Now that the dust has settled around the Lam Shang Leen report on the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs, it’s time to take a dispassionate look at what

  Khoda Pahar, nikla chuha (we dug a mountain and found only a mouse). This Urdu expression seems quite an apt summary of the government’s strat

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