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The economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown risks leading to generational resentment and a widening generational divide if no

The power grab by the government under the Covid-19 and Quarantine bills (now acts) are being deployed as a slide into a dictatorship by opposition p


What does the labour minister, Soodesh Callichurn, really believe? It’s a good question given that barely six months after bringing a pro-worker law,


  There is a significant class dimension – and class myopia – in the way that the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown it has inspired are understood.


In times of crisis, the impossible suddenly seems possible. When former Finance Minister Rama Sithanen tried to freeze hiring in the civil service al

Following the collapse of South African Airways this week, Air Mauritius too has gone under with its own board putting the national carrier into volu


As the government says it’s working towards a ‘deconfinement’ strategy, this has given rise to a debate. On the one side are those saying it’s too so

With a vaccine for Covid-19 at least a year away, Mauritius has announced that it is starting plasma therapy to treat serious cases of the virus. Mau


The International Monetary Fund this week announced its forecast for the world economy, predicting the global economy being plunged into a recession

Everyone is agreed that Covid-19 is an economic disaster for Mauritius. How could it not be? Ever since it was created by empire, Mauritius has alway


Even in hysteria, there are some moments of lucidity. So it is with Covid-19. Last week in parliament, the MMM raised a good point about countries st

What the opposition so far failed to do on its own, the speaker of the National Assembly, Sooroojdev Phokeer, seems to be achieving. On Monday, the w


Alan Ganoo took the heat in parliament on Monday over the death of 27-year-old Yannick Permal in an accident involving the tramway at the Pope Hennes

Mauritius has always had a problem when it comes to merit within the public bureaucracy, riddled as it is with clientelism. Now matters seem to have