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Summer can be excruciatingly hot and humid as is the case in Mauritius these days; however, it is tempting to put one’s workout routine on the back b

The inhabitants of Beau Bassin and Rose Hill are angry and fed up. Following construction works for the installation of water pipes in several areas


  This opinion piece by Ming Chen was published in Weekly No. 313 of 30 August 2018. Once again, it will be a display of products and services to t

For the benefit of our readers, Weekly is publishing features that have appeared in its print edition in the past. These features have been selected


(This article was published in  Weekly's magazine in march 2018 when  Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was still the president) The president, Ameenah Gurib-Faki

This opinion piece by Penny Hack was published in Weekly No. 308 of 26 July 2018. Modern totalitarianism creeps up on you step by step, aggressive i


  Raouf Gulbul is in the crosshairs of the Drugs Commission after the testimony of Tisha Shamloll concerning visits and dealings with drug dealers i

These are family members and political loyalists who have managed to secure the most prized nominations within the public service. Seconded into posi


Behold a tale as old as time about (the opposite of) bravery, honour and good leadership on the stormy sea! It was a miracle – Titanic never sank! Th

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for Weekly’s annual Weekly Awards for Cinematic Opulence and Superbness (WACOS) awards, where we recognise th


This week features Weekly’s commemorative end-of-year edition. Taking a tongue-in-cheek view, we shine a light on the year’s most important and most

Christmas time comes with food galore, drinks a flowing and being surrounded by friends and family. While everyone likes the Christmas atmosphere and


  Is Mauritius Telecom’s (MT) efforts to replace all copper phone lines with high-performance fibre optics good news or a potential security threat

Ramesh Basant Roi's contract as governor of the Bank of Mauritius has not been renewed. His contract will end next week, and he will be replaced by Y

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