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In the natural world, most creatures are ruled by the powers of nature. Their lives are determined by natural forces and are dependent on them. But i

Rumi Sufism is a very open-minded, tolerant and all-encompassing practice of Islam and it could one day be the powerful Islamic ‘ecumenical’ drive t


If you want a good specimen of bungling-botching collage of ill-digested ideas, read this year’s President’s address “TOWARDS AN INCLUSIVE, HIGH INCO

Nouvo youg lor baz! Pa get letid ousa laz. Nek get so bataz. The new era’s here! Learning and age lead nowhere; Just watch for new gear. In the


GWANNTANAMERRA Mo pa fer senn, mo pe koz vré; Dan mo pei pié koko krent; Mo anvi avan ferm lizié Santé for-for mo nam ansent. Guanntanamerra, gu

Trwa baton mouroum, Mem longer ek mem groser Pe rod siz lor tronn. Triple murungas Made of the same slick sickness Compete for the throne. With glo


Reacting to my paper “On Politics”, published on 3 December 2019, a reader by the name of Roshan Beeharry had this to say: “The more I read Mr Virahs

Lir Met bann sign ansam E souden enn gran laflam Ekler mo lasam. Read Put signs together And suddenly like summer Light shines with laughte


Believe that politics combine certain scientific and artistic skills blended into a specific type of intelligence known as “P0LITICAL INTELLIGENCE”.

Friyapen Li ron, li ranpli Ar manzé, ar fortifian. Fatra pa konpran. Breadfruit It’s plump and it’s full Of goodies for life and land. Fools d


Konsomé nonnstop! Lor problem pas enn kout mop; Amizé ar dop. Consume without thought! Let all your problems be naught; Don’t be overwrought.

Human beings believe that the world is theirs for the taking. It is the privilege of intelligence. Consequently, the land, sea, air and space (the wh


When you receive a bad news letter (a dear John letter, for example), do you shoot the post-officer who has delivered it? NO! ARE YOU SURE? This is

The writing was on the wall but many chose not to see it. First the MMM. Wallowing in the fading memories of a glorious past gone by, the party seem