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Modern-day gender issues leave the gods bemused – and anyone trying to apply a little commonsense is subject to short shrift. Mass movements tolerate

As they’re often found on mountain tops, or in some cases clouds, the gods are above right and wrong – but that doesn’t mean mere mortals can do what


The Olympos Chronicle can offer you a real scoop, as it has retrieved elements of the discussions on electoral reform after an epic infiltration thro

Throughout history, states have banded together for their mutual defence and to reduce the risk of feuding. The EU is a fine example in modern times


The exact population of Athens in the Golden Years is not precisely recorded but there were probably about 100,000 citizens, if women and children ar

The main rivalries in Classical Greece were between the city states, rather than between local leaders. Here and now, the rivalries are more of a tri


Technology is rather like medication – it can have some rather unpleasant side effects. Do mortals have any idea what’s going to happen to them? Or a

The unbelievers who think the Greek gods are dead should delve into how popular Gaia remains. She keeps popping up everywhere from space missions to


Tribal leaders and populist views hold sway; ideas and policies are boring in an age of immediate expectations. There are exceptions, mostly in the d

When democratic governments are struggling, you might expect their rivals to be flourishing but that is hardly the case here or indeed in Britain. Ev


Lyssa is enjoying such success that even turning all of Mauritius into a giant Brown-Séquard Hospital couldn’t house the world’s insanities. At least

The Maniae personify madness and insanity. They work closely with social media and with Lyssa, the spirit of frenzy, who allegedly emerged from the b


  Even after the decline of Ancient Athens, History is full of extraordinary people and events that can act as dire warnings or guide us to emulate

Of all Ancient Greek concepts, the idea politicos most love is that, like the gods, they can do whatever they like while the rest of the populace sim

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