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When democratic governments are struggling, you might expect their rivals to be flourishing but that is hardly the case here or indeed in Britain. Ev

Lyssa is enjoying such success that even turning all of Mauritius into a giant Brown-Séquard Hospital couldn’t house the world’s insanities. At least


The Maniae personify madness and insanity. They work closely with social media and with Lyssa, the spirit of frenzy, who allegedly emerged from the b

  Even after the decline of Ancient Athens, History is full of extraordinary people and events that can act as dire warnings or guide us to emulate


Of all Ancient Greek concepts, the idea politicos most love is that, like the gods, they can do whatever they like while the rest of the populace sim

The taboo that most bemuses the gods is the law against rear orificial activity, all thanks to misinterpretations of ancient texts. The only things s


  “ Things seem to be going backwards,” muttered Zeus. “Society was more liberal in our heyday than now. Your mortals seem to love taboos but the on

It must be very difficult for the Council to hammer out an agreed statement without Hephaestos to hand, but at least you don’t have The Donald as a m


As I’m ill-equipped to dissect the budget – Ploutos has refused to digitalise my abacus – I’ve taken a stroll in the countryside to try and digest it

  Labels on jam jars may be useful but nowadays mortals seem intent on sticking them on themselves. Of course, some are hard to avoid. At birth, the


Imagine if every item of publicity for Mother’s Day was a genuine Rs2,000 note, rare though that may be – the country would be drowning in ambrosia!

There’s nothing like a nice wedding to cheer everyone up. For all their little faults – like kicking people off archipelagos – the Brits are brillian


  Few complain about wage rises, yet there are screeching headlines every time there’s a price increase, with union and consumer champions foaming w

Aletheia stands for Truth and Sincerity and has always been a valued friend. Back in time, a fable circulated of a man travelling in the wilderness,

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