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As Plato more or less said, “The arts give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything.” In Ancient Greece, the arts and crafts

The state’s stranglehold on everything is enough to make even a spirit of prudence turn purple with rage, in the same way other city states used to g


Trying to convey a little thoughtfulness is always an uphill task, which is perhaps why the gods sit on mountaintops. Unfortunately, mortals become b

It probably came as much as a shock to you as everyone else that an obscure group of shareholders should suddenly start giving advice about on how to


Over-population is a global problem but, even if there’ll only be 950,000 people and 100 bats here by 2050, as Mauritius tops all the rankings, it co

  Of all jobs, farming is the one most affected by climatic conditions, in farmers’ minds a government problem. At least in ancient times, people un


National interest and ethical stands make uneasy bedfellows in foreign affairs – except for the sort milords pursue. At least Athens was run by honou

Circus is a word of Roman origin (appropriately enough) and referred to the large circular venue used for public events. Like the Greek hippodrome, i


Modern-day gender issues leave the gods bemused – and anyone trying to apply a little commonsense is subject to short shrift. Mass movements tolerate

As they’re often found on mountain tops, or in some cases clouds, the gods are above right and wrong – but that doesn’t mean mere mortals can do what


The Olympos Chronicle can offer you a real scoop, as it has retrieved elements of the discussions on electoral reform after an epic infiltration thro

Throughout history, states have banded together for their mutual defence and to reduce the risk of feuding. The EU is a fine example in modern times


The exact population of Athens in the Golden Years is not precisely recorded but there were probably about 100,000 citizens, if women and children ar

The main rivalries in Classical Greece were between the city states, rather than between local leaders. Here and now, the rivalries are more of a tri

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