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Lina Myte Pascal is a senior journalist at Weekly magazine. She started her career as a travel writer in Europe, then wrote for Le Défi Media Group before joining La Sentinelle. Lina forms part of the team that developed and launched Weekly. She holds a BSc in journalism and media production from Linnaeus University in Sweden and has studied languages, political science and economics at institutions in France, Spain, and Sweden. Her passions include running in the mountains, taekwondo, and anything that results in an adrenaline rush.

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The allegation that he had supposedly offered former MSM member Vivek Pursun money to harm Showkutally Soodhun politically through a controversial vi


Robots instead of lawyers. Employees who live to see their 150th birthday. Professionals who go to the gym rather than to the boardroom. Tomorrow’s w

Although it was widely believed that Canada would grab the title, it was Sweden that won the ice hockey world championship 2017 yesterday night. In t


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Underwater cities, offices with playgrounds for adults, public spaces that are 100% ecofriendly… the future of construction is not about creating fan


Des centaines de Parisiens sont descendus dans les rues à Paris ce dimanche 23 avril pour manifester contre la candidate à la présidence, Marine Le P

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Home of the sexual liberation movement, Ikea furniture and catchy ABBA songs, Sweden has ranked third on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy


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Weekly takes a close look at the smorgasbord of scholarships available to postgraduate students from Mauritius. What are the best strategies for obta

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