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(Part 1) Change at breakneck speed as a constant Looking back is much easier than envisioning the future, even with crystal ball gazing. It is an i

Hardly any pundit saw it coming. An autopsy of Trump’s victory reveals that the establishment – political, economic, financial, social, artistic, pol

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In order to limit the consequences of the voting formula proproposed by the government to Rodriguans, the author makes some recommendations and tries

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The author sheds light upon the recent decline in the unemployment figures, cautioning against too rapid congratulations and the need to get to the d


This article purports to critically evaluate the new proposals to elect members to the Rodrigues Regional Assembly as approved by Government on Frida

This series of articles, generating from a partnership between LSL and Rama Sithanen, are a thorough and an informed analysis of the current state of


This article purports to shed some light on the formula proposed in the Transitional Provisions Bill that is currently being debated in the National

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Based on empirical research work from his PhD thesis on electoral system in plural societies, Rama Sithanen emphasizes the need to thoroughly underst

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