Darren Savarimuthu

Darren Savarimuthu is an author whose works have been published across the United Kingdom and the United States. He studied in UK and is a health professional currently working in Forensic Psychiatry. He is also a law graduate who has a special interest in local politics.

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If you have been enthused by the live parliamentary debates on our small screens lately, we will certainly be in agreement that the thrill did not la

  If you think I am writing about the new release ‘Beauty and the Beast’ regrettably you make a mistake. Sorry to disappoint, but in my discourse I


  Our island, albeit small in size, faces increasingly bigger problems. We start with perhaps the most life endangering, daring and depraved; the pr

The world remembers the barbaric attack in Paris that killed 130 people last year. The Paris attack in France on November 13, 2015 killed several inn


Every year on the 10th of October we mark the World Mental Health Day. Its significance is greater than we imagine. Around the world there are a numb

One part of the population feels it is right and proper for the new regime to undertake a cleaning process of our institutions and bring to justice t


The case of Eleana has angered many people and rightly so. It is time for our leaders, ONG and each and every one of us to stop for a moment and refl

We can confidently say most of us are law abiding citizen in this country with endless sense of loyalty and responsibility towards ourselves and stat


Our island has witnessed a sensationalised police action with the arrest of Navin Ramgoolam and the searches of his premises at Riverwalk. It was cle

We have undoubtedly witnessed one of the most important, thrilling and breath-taking elections in our Republic Island a while ago. After months of ‘o


In few days we are asked to return to the ballots to elect a government and an opposition upon whom we would rely for the good functioning of a democ

Maurice figure parmi une poignée de très rares pays où la date des élections générales est tenue secrète jusqu’à la dernière minute. Cela équivaut à


After much palaver around an alliance we now know the PTr-MMM alliance is ‘on’. Without much surprise anything could turn sour and the partnership co

Our Prime Minister has asked an interesting question querying who does not like to dance the ‘séga’ in Mauritius. Perhaps not expecting a response, t

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