Open Letter to Pravind Jugnauth (date 22 Nov)

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Monday 22nd November 2021
Open Letter to Pravind Jugnauth


Mauritius is at war against the Covid-19 pandemic that is claiming the lives of hundreds of Mauritians. This is not an inquest into the mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of preparedness of our healthcare infrastructure. As a former Prime Minister and being a survivor of Covid-19, I have made proposals with the sole aim of trying to find a solution to this crisis; this is above politics. I have made written suggestions on my Facebook page and I have discussed the suggestions on a radio channel.

Following your public apeal, I am making written proposals as hereunder:-

1. Remedial Measures of our healthcare infrastructure

To remedy the lack of preparedness of the healthcare infrastructure in containing this devastating wave of the coronavirus pandemic, I am making the following suggestions:-

1.1. To convert the Dr. Bruno Cheong hospital into a dedicated Covid hospital.

1.2. To start planning the conversion of the Cote d'Or sport complex into a similar facility.

1.3. To leverage diplomatic channels as soons as possible to ensure immediate availability of appropriate medications, oxygen and ventilators and to provide latest training to medical staffs.

1.4. To seek expert assistance from AIIMS New Delhi. Appropriate Covid-19 treatment protocols will save lives. Mauritius Telecom to set up relevant tele-medicine digital infrastructures forthwith to expedite expert collaborations.

2. Remedial administrative measures

To set up a new expert transparent and accountable Covid-19 crisis management committee.

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. Between April and June 2021, India's healthcare system teetered on the brink of collapse as hospitals ran out of oxygen amidst a devastating second wave of Covid-19 infections that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Indians.

PM Modi did not hesitate to drop the health minister, Harsh Vardhan, who was the face of the Indian government's efforts to fight Covid-19, along with his deputy. With his decisive actions, PM Modi set up a new expert transparent and accountable Covid-19 crisis management committee and the results speak for themselves.

3. Exceptional measures to contain the pandemic and to break the transmission chain:

The surge of infections is leading to heart wrenching tragedies. Even the young and the vaccinated are dying. Therefore, a full lockdown to contain infections and to break the transmission chains must be actively considered. Every life matters.

4. Call to action

We are at war against the coronavirus pandemic. Only the one holding the leadership position of the head of government can take the actions that are urgent & necessary... I hope that decisive and bold actions will be taken for the sake of our nation.

Kind Regards
Dr. Navin Ramgoolam
Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius

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