Teacher’s Day: “blessed are those who choose to carve the destiny of others”

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The 5Th of October marks the celebration of the Teacher’s Day across the world and commemorates the 1966 UNESCO and ILO “Recommendation concerning the status of Teachers”, which perhaps is the most fundamental and groundbreaking instrument that sets forth the functional and philosophical architecture of the teaching profession.

Beyond the perception of the teaching and learning transaction, one needs to recall that the very engagement to partake information is no less than a time-tested and hallowed undertaking. Indeed, the world stands on the foundations laid by those who chose to teach, and transform the mind into a soul, drawing the path of thousands towards honest, diligent and competent citizenry.

It is unfortunate that sometimes the teaching profession is not given its due recognition. In fact, people, far too often, take for granted that teaching is a routine that is inscribed in the historical evolution of a country; however it is of the essence to realise that teachers are the beacons of knowledge that hold the hands of the youth and help them to cross the river of ignorance and passivity, without ever letting go.

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the teaching profession in Mauritius has had to reengineer its very approach to pedagogy in a bid to ensure that no child becomes the inadvertent victim of the unavoidable disruption of normality. Modes of delivery have been transformed to re-adapt to a more taxing time-table, and new strategies have had to be devised to offset an abrupt lengthening of term time such that our children remain focused through and through, despite the workload and energy expenditure that weigh them down more than often.

But teachers are the resilient type, and deal with criticism through the satisfaction they derive from knowing that they are the harbingers of progress. The monstrosity of ludicrous bureaucracy that refuses to shed its colonial garb, the unavailability of unnecessary resources, shabby and uncomfortable teaching environments, dissonance or absence of organisational leadership, poor or inexistent Internet connectivity are some facets of the harsh realities that the teaching profession has to put up with every day and yet teachers are able to rise along with their students, because knowledge cannot be stopped.

On this note, the Education Officers’ Union (E.O.U) wishes to convey its warmest wishes to its members and all teachers on the occasion of the World Teacher’s Day. We shall be forever indebted to all of you for keeping the spirit of profession alive, and we pray that your resolve will continue to inspire as ever

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