Curfew #day 4: Police vs civilians... we ain't enemies

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Sun Zi said:“The commander adept in a war enhances the moral influence and adheres to the laws and regulations. Thus, it is in his power to control success."

Here goes chapter 4; Disposition of military strength.

The allegations and videos, testimony of police brutality, are widely shared on social media platforms.

The Commissioner of Police even had to step in to denounce these actions, pledging that sanctions will be taken against the defaulters. After all, the law applies to everyone, whether you're a police officer or a "baja" seller.

That's the point; laws are drafted for everyone to respect to maintain order. 

So, with already 81 cases of Covid-19 in the country, what do people still not understand in "STAY HOME"? Do we want to follow the path of Italy, literally struggling for survival day after day?

This ain't a wrestling match between civilians and police officers but a fight against a common enemy: this virus.

However, the way the police force needs to act/react when faced with civilian irresponsibility is subject to some extent to interpretation. Yes, the police officers have no rights to physically assault another countryman but also yes, the lambda citizen has during this lockdown no right to get out of the house, except for essential services, to avoid further propagation of the disease.

The policy adopted to make sure people stay at home varies by country. Let's take England, for instance. After the more error than trial of the British Prime minister not taking this pandemic seriously at first, now it appears that through government order, "the police will be authorised to use force to send people back home if they refuse to obey the coronavirus lockdown", as stated by the Guardian.

However, this government plan also stipulates that firstly the police has to simply encourage people to get back indoors but can use reasonable force as the last resort, should they need it.

In the US, the methodology is also different. "Several police departments in areas under restriction orders, including the San Francisco Bay Area, have taken an “education over enforcement” approach, preferring to warn people rather than to arrest them" states the New York Times.

However, the California State Police Chief pointed out that the police officers ain't going to stay 'educational' for long, if the people still fail to abide by the lockdown principle.

But, it is to be noted that using force doesn't automatically equal to police brutality. In none of the above examples, do they refer to hurting people. 

At the end of the day, we all have one common interest, keeping our families safe and stopping the propagation of this deadly virus. Cooperation is very important in this endeavour. If the police force need not brutalise people as finally their job is also to protect the people, the people also need to understand that we ain't in a national holiday but in war. A war where if we don't stand united, we have no chance of victory.  So, STAY HOME.


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