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The Mauritius national football team was yanked out of the 2020 Africa Cup of Nations while in the middle of the tournament in Laayoune and has been banned from participating in the next two tournaments by the Confederation of African Football. Here is the inside story of how bad diplomacy coming out of Port Louis ended up freezing Mauritius out of African football and how the government has been caught flat-footed on what was supposed to be one of its own signal foreign policy changes.


Mrinal Teelock: “The damage caused to the vehicles by the manganese in the fuel is irreversible”

With the Motor Vehicles Dealers’ Association drawing the country’s attention to cars being damaged due to the poor quality of petrol, Weekly speaks to its administrative secretary, Mrinal Teelock, to find out what’s going on. He discusses the stance of the minister of commerce and consumer protection and the reaction of the State Trading Corporation to the matter and the possible remedy available to affected car owners.


Education 2020: The options compared

It’s time for HSC results, with students heading to overseas universities mulling the different options on offer. Weekly has come with a definitive guide comparing some of the more popular destinations for higher studies.


The coronavirus outbreak: Why Mauritius is the third most vulnerable in Africa

A study from the University of Southampton has identified Mauritius as the third most vulnerable state in Africa when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak that emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan back in December. So what is it that makes Mauritius so vulnerable according to the study and what kind of damage are the authorities bracing for?

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Cavadee festival: The origin of the famous seven curries

As the Thaipoosam Cavadee festival approaches, members of the Tamil community and the devotees who will be carrying the cavadee are now eight days into the period of fasting, prayers, austerity and penitence. But other than the sacrifices, the beliefs and the prayers that are part of the festival, Cavadee is also about gratitude and sharing.


Sleep habits: How to choose the right mattress

Whether you’re looking to be healthier or more physically and mentally fit and productive, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the main things that any health expert will recommend. In order to get the high-quality sleep that you are looking for, a good mattress is what you need first. But a good mattress is not cheap. So how we make sure we are investing in the right one?

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