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The release of the results of the last Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams is imminent, which means that this is the time when students will be weighing their options on what and where to pursue their higher studies. It can be a daunting task. So Weekly is publishing the definitive guide to higher education within Mauritius, highlighting the different options and pathways to higher education, to help students in one of the most important decisions they will ever take.


Dr Sunil Gunness: “I believe that some of those videos showing people falling and dying are completely fake”

We caught Dr Sunil Gunness, cardiologist and head of the Cardiac Centre, between two consultations – or perhaps two heart surgeries. We met him at the Cardiac Centre, his pride and joy, an oasis in the middle of the desert of health care. He was more interested in talking about cardiology, the unit where he operates and the latest technology he hopes to introduce in the coming months – a revolutionary machine likely to save loads of lives. We took the opportunity to get his ideas on the topic we are more interested in – the coronavirus. And, as it happens, his interests and ours are rather related.


Robert Malherbe: “It takes an enormous amount of courage to take up the brush”

Mauritian-born artist Robert Malherbe opened his Motherland Exhibition to the public on Thursday. Based in Australia, Malherbe is in Mauritius in connection with celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Mauritius. Weekly asks him about his homecoming and his art.


Slavery in Mauritius: The cynical calculations that followed its abolition

Over the weekend, the country will officially celebrate the anniversary of the abolition of slavery and pay tribute to the contribution of slaves to the economic development and history of the country. However, what is less talked about are the cynical calculations that went into the way the abolition of slavery was carried out by the colonial government and the plantocracy. So what did the abolition of slavery really look like?

Pets Corner

Abandoning pets: New study reveals that abandoning exotic pets can negatively impact the conservation of the ecosystem

Animals are abandoned on a daily basis. From dogs and cats to turtles, rescue organisations spend numerous hours working to save these animals. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), more than six million animals enter shelters in the United States alone. What are the factors that push people to give them up? And how can this be a threat to the conservation of the biodiversity?


Yellow tea: The next craze

Green tea and matcha tea have done their time in the limelight. A new tea is now gaining popularity around the world, including in Western countries and Mauritius. And it looks like it is here to stay. Say hello to yellow tea, a rare type of tea that is unique to China and has numerous health benefits. 


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