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Hello people. Did you hear that ringtone? I bet many of you didn’t, because if you did, why are there still so many missed calls?

Since the 1800s, our world has started dialing your number for help. You didn’t pick up because you were so busy in your self development; industrialization. You were so busy trying to plan for a perfect future, making inventions to make your life easier. You found a way called deforestation to build houses, you found a way to make money by burning fossil fuels and building big industries, you found many ways for YOUR welfare.

The world waited, and did not call back. It waited for so long; for, patience is said to be virtue. You kept it on the waiting list, and it sacrificed a lot for you, because it loved you. But decades after, it started to become difficult for it to shoulder those burdens. The blanket around it, began to be compressed with abnormal heat and soon, the world was diagnosed with a disease called Global Warming.

The doctors, so called scientists, researched a lot about this new disease and they discovered that, this was caused mostly by some careless, if not selfish individuals, which kept on making an abuse of their power and intelligence. Smoke from cigarettes and industries, pollutants from big cars, burning of fossil fuels for electricity and excessive deforestation for thirst for more infrastructure and big apartments, were the main causes of this disease. And all the causes had something in common; the presence of the virus called Carbon Dioxide.

The world kept on calling, several times but only a minority picked up, which was not enough. The world needed all of you to pick up, but you did not and still have not. The disease is spreading at an unprecedented rate, the world is about to breathe for a last time soon.

Recently the world has collapsed; it’s so called lungs known as Amazon, making up 20% of the world’s oxygen, was on fire. The doctors say that the same selfish and careless individuals are to be blamed. Now Amazon will not only stop giving 20% of oxygen or absorbing 20% of carbon dioxide, it is going to release 20% of carbon in the atmosphere, worsening the disease.

If you think that you are living your best life while ignoring the call because you get your food, drink on the table and 8 hours of sleep every day, reality check; this perfect life is going to crumble soon because the world which is allowing you live your perfect life, is going to let go in the near future. You people, you are always choosing the easiest way, you don’t care whether this is an efficient way or not. You think only about yourself right? Well, stand up, look for solutions, pick up the call and help the world fight the disease, because if not, you alone are going to suffer. You are the one with power and with intelligence, so you are the one with the antidotes. Show the world that you care and you are not selfish. Show the world that it did not make a mistake sheltering you for centuries. Show the world that humanity is still alive.

‘There was a worldwide outcry when Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire. Why is there not the same level of outrage for fires destroying the rainforest?’ The era of #prayforamazon, #prayforthis #prayforthat is over now people, this time it is #prayforyou because the world will stop calling you forever soon and this will be your greatest loss ever. It’s now or never.

So, don’t wait for it to ring again, call back yourself!

*Want to know how to call back? First press the Google button, second click on the “solutions for Global Warming” button and lastly, click on the “implement everyday” button. You see? Aussi simple qu’un bonjour!

Stay blessed World and get well soon…               


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