IOIG torch starts republic-wide parade

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The flame will tour Mauritius until the start of the Games. © Krishna Pather

The flame will tour Mauritius until the start of the Games. © Krishna Pather

The torch of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIGs) arrived on Mauritian soil early on Saturday morning on a flight from Reunion, where the previous edition of the Games was held. The torch has since set off on a republic-wide parade, starting in Rodrigues where 110 torchbearers passed on the flame.

A mishap however took place on Saturday morning as the torch ‘missed’ the connecting Air Mauritius flight which was to take it to Rodrigues. The official version from Air Mauritius and the organising committee of the Games claims that “an excess weight issue” forced the grounding of the torch, alongside other pieces of luggage. The torch was then loaded on to the next flight, getting to Rodrigues almost two hours later than scheduled.

Back in Mauritius on Sunday, the IOIG flame toured the south-eastern region of Mauritius starting at the Plaisance Airport and coming to a halt at the Mahébourg Waterfront. It then journeyed along the southern coast on Monday and the western coast on Tuesday, reaching Souillac and Bambous respectively. On Wednesday, torchbearers jogged across the localities of Gros Cailloux, Canot, Camp Levieux and Rose Hill. The flame is expected to reach the Municipalities of Quatre-Bornes and Vacoas-Phoenix on Thursday and Friday respectively. The island-wide trip of the IOIG torch will continue until the start of the Games on Friday 19 July.

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