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Five participants will head back home this weekend after spending twelve weeks on a Cane Sugar Manufacturing course at the RTC.'

Participants from Golden Sugar Company and Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc in Nigeria and Transmarra Kenya as well as one participant from Omnicane in Mauritius gained an in-depth knowledge of modern cane sugar manufacturing processes. Companies such as Dangote Sugar Refineries are part of mega companies, in this case Dangote Industries which have annual revenues of over 4 billion USD.

According to Dr. Linda Mamet, Director of the RTC, “the feedback given by the participants was extremely positive. They thought the course was incredibly enriching and feel that the knowledge they gained can be easily implemented and bring significant improvements to their factories”.

The course which is now in its 38th year enables those who complete to benefit from the centuries of expertise Mauritius has built in cane sugar manufacturing. The course covers a range of topics and features a good mix of in class interactions with very experienced tutors as well as factory visits. The blend means maximum exposure to practices which can be taken back and applied.

(...) Nazeemah Nurmahomed led the pollution control unit for the first time. She explained how gratifying her experience was and the sense of pride she feels knowing that talking about waste water treatment and measures to control various pollutants and equipping participants with turnkey solutions is her way of contributing to a safer planet.

Sustainability throughout manufacturing practices is omnipresent throughout the course and as explained by Dr Mamet “delivering this course in French for Francophones and in English for Anglophones, for more than three decades, means that we can pride ourselves to have significantly contributed to the development of sustainable practices in the continent and beyond”. As they head off, the students expressed their gratitude for having had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful learning experience. They will also remember forever Mauritian hospitality at its best which they experienced thanks to their fellow participant Yashin Goolamnobee from Omnicane. Yashin took them every weekend to discover the island.

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