Breaking: MSAW lorry captures Ravi

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It iz ze first time such a sing happens to a politician. Ravi, who was en rut apparently yesterday, has been captured by an MSAW lorry.

Ze dogcatchers were called by Mauritians, who were disgusted after he called  women zounalistes «femel lisien».

It was as if had caught ze raze, said some witnesses, who were listening to Ravi while he was talking sit in ze mike.  He zen received 1.3  million x 10 sous =13 millions zouré from Facebookers, amongst ozers. The people were telling him to «couché Ravi, couché, à la niche». Some were asking : «Who let ze dogs out, who, who?» He almost created an émeute lisien, wiz all due respect to ze real doggies.

What iz more enrazing, is zat some «ladies» who were in ze assitance were laughing, «kikikaka», at Ravi's bad zoke. What a same.

Instead of condemning ziss istupid zattack, Ivan, was taking plezir wiz what his colleague had said. He was zigilating az if he had karapat in his trousers. Rumours have it zat another MSAW lorry is heading towards his house too.

Ziss is toutou much Mauritians are barking.

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