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Cabinet reshuffle: Beyond the musical chairs' game

Some ministerial roles were reshuffled around, like in a game of musical chairs this week. But the official explanation – that the finance minister was so overworked and ill that he had to change place and be  appointed  foreign minister instead – did not convince anyone. Political observers refer to the latest government stunt as a strategic game. But if this is a game, what’s at stake? And why is the prime minister also taking control of the national television, allegedly a propaganda machine?


Cassam Uteem: “There are four political leaders but no leadership”

In an interview, former President of the Republic Cassam Uteem takes one back to an era when one needed more than a big mouth to form part of the political class. He is a class apart. The years did not make a dent in his strong ideas and vast knowledge of political, social and economic issues which he expresses without fear or favour. And his sense of humour is still intact.


Improve your kids’ IQ with new a science: Smarter, stronger, savvier

New research says that our brains, like our bodies, aren’t static. That means that we can train our brains so that we may  become more intelligent. Try these scientifically-proven ways to improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) – and help your children boost theirs.

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