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Heritage City: Dreams, ambitions and experts’ apprehensions

The area of Highlands, more specifically the vast expanse of land just opposite Ebène is all set to be completely transformed in the coming years as the government is going ahead with the massive Heritage City project with an estimated investment of nearly Rs29 billion. On one hand, the government strongly believes the project will boost economic growth and make huge savings for the state, and industry and on the other, many political observers do not really share those beliefs as the public debt burden inflated by this single project could prove to be too much to bear for the whole economy.


Roshi Bhadain: “Are you telling me that I am giving figures just to please people?”

Last Thursday, the minister of financial services, good governance and institutional reforms and of technology, communication and innovation, Roshi Bhadain, accepted an invitation by La Sentinelle to answer questions by La Sentinelle journalists. Weekly translates for its readers the first part of the interview.


Sexual predators exposed

Weekly’s journalistic investigation on men who contact children online and try to lure them into prostitution – we posed as children and filmed them with hidden cameras – was awarded Best Investigative Article 2015 at a ceremony organised by the Media Trust on Saturday. The journalist behind the story, Lina Myte Pascal, was also awarded the Prix Nicolas Lambert which is given to the journalist that distinguished him/herself the most during the year. In that context, we hereby publish extracts from the story.

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