Weekly speaks to David Snoxell, coordinator of the Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group and former British High Commissioner to Mauritius, ab

This week, Weekly sits down with Sanjit Teelock, former deputy speaker. Teelock was in parliament between 1991 and 1995 and deputy speaker in 1995 an


Weekly’s ultimate 2016 quiz is an opportunity for our readers to re-live the past year in an original way. Who among you paid the most attention to c

  With the resumption of parliament this week, Weekly talks to Shakeel Mohamed, Labour MP, about the government’s performance both in and out of


With the publication of his book, Francophone de Hanoï à Dakar Le Pacte Brisé, Weekly speaks to Jean Claude de L’Estrac about what happened behind th

      Weekly talks to ex-navy officer Maricela Guzman, formerly stationed at Diego Garcia, who was in Mauritius for Lalit’s international conf


Le groupe La Sentinelle s’est associé à l’École supérieure de Journalisme (ESJ) de Paris afin de mettre en place un cours de Mastère en journalisme «

«Weekly aura à prouver que je ne suis pas passé par la voie normale…» Déclaration de Showkutally Soodhun qui a consigné une déposition pour diffusion


«Cette sanction, d’une grande sévérité, nous semble hors de proportion avec la situation commentée.» Le Media Trust réagit après la décision de la Sp

Elle avait invité la rédactrice en chef de Weekly à présenter ses excuses après la publication d’un éditorial. Mais Touria Prayag n’en ayant rien fai


In 2013, the A&A Construction scam was brought to light by Weekly. The company was subsequently put under administration, with the legal administ

COVER STORY Sexual crimes against women: Are they really on the rise? The spate of prostitution rings and recently-released statistics point to sexua

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We would like to think that Jameel Peerally’s intention of having 100 Palestinian children adopted by Mauritian families emanates from good feelings

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French Muppet Show Les Guignols portrayed Abdelaziz Bouteflika raising one hand from his coffin for the swearing-in ceremony. A caricaturist for the

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