If we want a good government, we must have good people in charge. Look at the way that Taiwan and Singapore have been able to contain the virus. What

One thing for sure is that, when we emerge from this crisis, it will be a whole new world. Back to basics will be key lessons as will be personal wel


It is safe to say that no one would ever have thought that they would face the current conundrum our society is in. What is both scary but also at th

Au début des années 90, John Major, le Premier ministre britannique d’alors et chef de file du parti conservateur avait, lors d’un congrès de son par


I started this little list some time ago but somehow never completed it. My own light version of 21 Lessons. Then this happened. Life comes at us fas

Covid-19. Non, ce n’est pas la 19e session d’une conférence intitulée COVID, à l’instar des sempiternelles rencontres internationales sur le climat q


Coronavirus ou confinement. Suspension indéterminée du cours normal d’activités. Suspension angoissante pour les plus fragiles, pas forcément croulan

“And ‘mid this tumult Kubla heard from afar Ancestral voices prophesying war.” Coleridge Il est fort probable qu’avant dix ans nous aurons marché s


Le Covid-19 est un véritable coup de semonce pour les Mauriciens, forçant la population au confinement et mettant l’économie à l’arrêt. Même s’il est

Any attempt towards assessing the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Mauritius will have to grapple and come to terms with a string of poli


During the present confinement, each Mauritian is enduring the powerful knock of the pandemic in terms of movement restrictions, lockdown of supermar

(…) As a hub for business, we stand out, not only in the African continent but also globally, even outdoing nations like Australia and the UAE. So wh


How we deal with the crisis now will shape the post-Corona world. As at time of writing, near-term second and third quarter consensus global growth f

Grand predictions can be spectacularly miscalculated. How many times have we seen a cult leader, gathered with his flock at the top of a hill, all dr

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