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There is one institution that does not have any part to play at this time. It is the Central Water Authority which does not know how to react with the deluge that we just had. Normally at this time the CWA warns us that water is scarce and that there will be cuts. Even Bagatelle dam – which is far from being a bagatelle- has experienced delays and additional taxpayers’ money as a result of lack of professional and expert preparations. It is unthinkable that such a mega project can have such unforeseen difficulties. No one seems to give a damn about that dam. The CWA or whatever institution that takes over must get its act together as waste cannot continue at our expense.

When we consider the reports of the Auditor General year in and year out and the highlighting of excesses and waste, we could offer courses at very high levels on how to waste public money. I am sure that many countries in the developing world will be delighted to come to learn how not to do things. The dam affair is just one example of how we have become indifferent to matters which elsewhere would have seen heads roll. And rightly so.

But this is a ‘plaisir’ country where we still celebrate ‘Lerwa Boire’ on 06 January 2014. When other countries are back at and to work, we are heading to the beach to indulge in this exciting activity where the exercise of the lifting of the arm by the arm is enhanced. Some might think that there is nothing wrong about getting people to have a great time but it would be wrong for people to think that it is not wrong. This country needs to work harder in order to improve the lots of one and all. Drinking like kings on a Sunday means that there can be no work done on the Monday.

This is a malady which afflicts the country. At a time when people and statistics speak about a huge unemployment among the young ones, we are left to wonder why there should be so many foreigners in employment. Foreign workers – with or without work permits abound in shops, bakeries, hotels, the IT sector, banking and other professional bodies. The time has come for a policy rethink about workshyness in this country. And we should not be shy about it.

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