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If one needs to know the state of health of the Remake, one just has to listen to what the representatives of the Party in power have to say at their insipid press conferences every Saturday. If there is no attack on the MMM then it is more than likely that the local Snowden will have briefed them about the ‘difficulties’ or , to say it in the language of this ‘plaisir’ country, the ‘macadams’ in the relations between the MMM and the MSM. But if it is otherwise, then you can safely assume otherwise.

On last but one Saturday, the MMM let it be known through its incomparable leader that the state of continued good health of the Remake will be determined at yet another ‘Assemblee des Delegues’ to be held on 22 March 2014. Then at a meeting of the leadership of the two parties making up the Remake, it was incredibly announced that all is well in the Remake and there is no need to have any make up to paper over the macadams.

At a time when no day goes by without a major problem being unearthed in our country, all that the politicians are spending their time – and our money – on is their survival. The public interest is the least of their concerns and nothing will change that perception – notwithstanding what the vociferous Nita might say about her party not being born in power. Bagatelle Dam seems to be damned and the still unopened Ring Road has been opened up in the middle as a result of what can only be sheer incompetence or corruption on the part of all those who were linked to that project.

It is when the electorate starts to realize that there is no hope for the country with politicians in power and out of power trying to ensure their continued occupation of the seats of power that events which are occurring in Ukraine right now do occur. Naturally this country where mere existence is a ‘plaisir’ will be spared the Ukrainian events. But what no one can be sure of is what will happen when all trust in existing politicians evaporates.

In India, the lack of concern by the main parties in the welfare of ‘Delhiites’ threw up a new political party called the Aam Aadmi party which was able within a short span of time to oust Ms Sheila Dixit who had been the almost unejectable from her post as Chief Minister of Delhi. The parties trade under their existing bank of voters and they do certainly command a number of loyalty voters. But they are so structured as to make the leader a real despot and anyone who pretends otherwise is just that : a pretender. This may be the reason why they make no space for the young generations. This attitude of taking the people for granted by all political parties will not outlast any combination of alliances.

In the event that a fresh macadam surfaces, the MMM will announce that the MSM is a stratifi ed party and, despite its defects and legacy, the MMM can work with the Labour Party in an alliance provided there is the promise of electoral reform. Or even the MSM can work again with the Labour Party as higher interests are at stake.

When either scenario happens, that will be the day when everything else will happen.


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