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I think I am going to start praying. My Lord, will I now say before going to bed, keep Dulthumun away from the inter-religious platform.

That man has recently expressed the wish to attend a meeting of the inter-religious platform. His interest in that platform was a well-guarded secret until the day Pandit Ved Gopee, member of the platform, found himself arrested by the police and chained to a hospital bed in the most bizarre circumstances. Strangely once Gopee decided to step down from the platform pending the police enquiry (Dulthumun should take a leaf out of Gopee’s book), Dulthumun started to express his interest in inter-religiousness.

The police arrested Ved Gopee following a denunciation by a child who apparently told her parents that a man invited her for a drive. The child’s parents, say they followed her the next day and saw a man who fitted Ved Gopee’s description talking to the girl. Gopee’s version is as expected, completely different; he denies all wrongdoing and says he has witnesses to back up his version.

It is obviously up to the police to enquire into what really happened but the decision was nonetheless taken to arrest Gopee notwithstanding the flimsy evidence against the priest.

It’s police procedure; I was told when I enquired. Really? So anytime somebody goes to a police station and makes an allegation against a third party, the police proceeds to the arrest of that person? Funny that. I don’t remember Yatin Varma being arrested despite allegations that he had beaten a young man. I don’t remember Rishi Chedumbrum being arrested despite allegations compounded by evidence of a relationship with a minor. I don’t remember Dulthumun being arrested despite inciting to racial hatred. Shall I go on?

I think not; the point is made. Ved Gopee was arrested and he was told that orders came from “above”. No information was forthcoming regarding who the “above” were but nonetheless, we later learnt that Somduth Dulthumun was aware of Pandit Gopee’s arrest before it even happened.

That information was so puzzling, we enquired further. Do you know what we learnt? That Ved Gopee had fallen out years ago with Somduth Dulthumun (surprise surprise) and left the Sanathan Dharma Temples Federation. For a few years now, Dulthumun whose frolic with power has turned him into a control freak, has been frowning on Gopee’s rising popularity, not realizing that it had everything to do with the man’s spirituality and openness as opposed to Dulthumun’s intolerance.

Dulthumun was so irked by the fact that the interreligious platform decided to keep Gopee as member despite him not belonging to the federation that, for years, he refused to delegate a priest to act as member of the platform.

All of a sudden, the minute Gopee conveniently steps down, Dulthumun wants to attend a meeting of a platform that preaches the contrary of what Dulthumun stands for.

I’ll be damned if this is a coincidence. 

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