MedPoint : Why the rush?

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Controversy still rages over the purchase of the MedPoint Clinic by the government. It is regrettable that the authorities have so far done very little to enlighten the public. There is a dearth of information which as a result tends to fuel all sorts of speculations and is consequently detrimental to the government in terms of its strategy of communication. There are a number of questions that remain unanswered.

Why the sudden rush to purchase a property for a geriatric hospital when other projects concerning health care have taken so long to even get going in the recent past? There needs to be a rational explanation for such haste.

Why not build a sizeable annexe to each of the 5 regional hospitals? It would provide a local service to the elderly and avoid them long and tiring journeys.

How long will it take to complete the renovation of the MedPoint building and will it be functional for the purpose it has been bought for? Let us hope that it will not be a repeat of the Dr Jeetoo hospital project in terms of duration from drawing board to completion?

If financial provision was not made in the current budget for this project, does it come from previous budgets? Otherwise where are the finances coming from? After all, the amount of money involved is quite substantial.

What is the state of the equipments purchased as part of the deal? Are they functional or obsolete? Are they up to date and suitable for modern use? How much additional fi nances will be required to bring the clinic up to the standard required? Is there an additional budget voted for already?

What percentage of the current population is classified as elderly and will that new geriatric hospital be sufficiently big enough to cater for all their needs?

Should each step of the project from the date of its inception to date not be listed and supportive documents published and made available on the government’s website as a matter of urgency?

Why is the Ministry of health and quality of life not more forthcoming with additional and detailed information for the sake of transparency?

Will the much vaunted and eagerly awaited freedom of information act be the answer to end this cloak and dagger approach to providing information to the public?




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