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For years now this country has been battling with the idea of segregating politics from religion. This battle is not being won because the religious elements want to play politics whereas the politicians relish the idea of pontifi cating about matters that they should really shun. For the celebration of Yaum Um Nabee, the politicians were invited to speak.

The Prime Minister made it clear that he is a man who is not afraid of saying things and that he would say things that no one else would dare say. All this is to his credit but what is certainly not is when he commented on the eight years that the former Prime Minister of Israel, late Ariel Sharon, had been in a coma as being a form of divine punishment and he deserved his penitence. I hold no brief for Sharon and I believe that history will have to address all that he did both as the Defence Minister and Prime Minister of Israel. Whatever he did was, according to him, in defence of his national interests and every person holding high political offi ce owes a duty to uphold the security of his/her State. We see that happening everyday and , if any recent example is required, the USA’s listening in on every person’s phone calls and having access to his/her computer from all over the world in the name of its national security is defi nitely one.

But I presumed that the Prime Minister was ill advised and ill inspired in saying those things which are best left unsaid. These words will haunt him and, as a medical doctor, he knows that there are millions of innocent babies who are born blind and with physical defects. It is not on that account alone that one should speak about their paying for what they did in a previous life. What God does is for him to decide and the petty mortals that we are must show humility before the grand divine design. No one knows how he/she will depart from this life and it is insensitive and infra dig to pass hasty judgments.

On another note the Prime Minister must show that he is again not afraid to say that he will not tolerate his “plaisir” country from carrying on any trade with the USA for the consolidation of US military presence in Diego Garcia base since he has initiated legal action before the Law of the Sea Tribunal on the whole of the Chagos archipelago of which Diego is part. Any sign that Mauritius is acquiescing in the status quo there is dangerous.

According to a press report, thousands of tons of stones and rocks are making their way to Diego Garcia from Port Louis harbour. If Mauritius means business and is determined to claw back sovereignty over the Chagos, then nothing must be done or allowed to be done that can lend comfort to the claim of the British over it and the USA by extension. Business people will look for business opportunities from any quarters or country but it must be the business of Government not to allow any business happening on or from its territory that can damage our national interest.

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