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“We know Vasant Bunwaree must be very busy with the MITD but that doesn’t mean he should disregard handicapped children’s right to education.” This is what a demonstrator at Wednesday’s pacific protest organized by APEIM in the streets of Port-Louis said in a bid – I suppose – to explain the Education minister’s utter disregard for the plight of disabled children.

I think the anonymous demonstrator might not be too far off the mark; Bunwaree has been so involved in MITD affairs that he personally saw to it that those who had caused “prejudice” to the reputation of the MITD were fired or interdicted from duty, he has paid a lot of visits to the MITD minor’s family to the extent that he knew who went to visit the family and who didn’t; in fact he got so close to the family that he became attuned to the minor’s thought processes. This in turn allowed him in Parliament to divulge the contents of a confi dential conversation that took place between the minor and her lawyer.

You might also remember that the minister was busy holding press conferences to defend his friend, the alleged pedophile. And recently, Pravind Jugnauth dragged some very interesting information from Mireille Martin – disabled children’s worst nightmare –; we learnt that Vasant Bunwaree who could find no time in his busy schedule to meet with APEIM directors, was in fact present in Martin’s office when the latter summoned the MITD minor together with her parents at the ministry!

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bunwaree’s commitment to the MITD could be extended to all his other dossiers?

Admittedly the schooling of handicapped children is not as sexy a subject as that of a teacher allegedly having sexual intercourse with a minor (I know the Fact Finding Committee said that didn’t happen but we know better than to take that committee seriously, don’t we?) but still. A minister is supposed to work for the greater good, no? That’s why he’s nominated, huh? That’s why they get into politics in the fi rst place, isn’t it? 

And I suppose it’s because it has recently dawned on Bunwaree that he is after all not the minister responsible for MITD but for the whole education sector that on Thursday, he fi nally decided that he would “preside” a forum to discuss the problems that those in “specialized” education are having. This, after he has blatantly disregarded APEIM’s attempts since March to draw his attention to the fact that they were running out of money and out of steam and that they needed government to step in to help school those children’s whose only fault was to be born with a mental deficiency. 

Is that too much to ask of the minister of Education? Nobody’s asking him to care, we’re only demanding that he does his bloody job for once and use our money – the same one that pays his salary – to fi nance the schooling of those children. How hard is that to comprehend?

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