Curfew #day 3: what strategy?

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Sun zi said "The aim of those skilled in war must be to take all under heaven intact through strategic superiority. Thus their troops will not get worn out and their triumph will be complete." 

Here goes chapter 3; The art of attacking by stratagem. 

Amid growing public anxiety, the strategy to contain this virus's propagation relies also on how the public will react and/or act to the government's measures. Here,  authorities have to be pretty much skilful and not act like "professional amateurs" with incoherent announces made in bits and pieces to be reconsidered or improved the next day. Why ? To avoid unnecessary panic and tensions in this 'war' where fake news is also an enemy to be taken down. 

It would seem that our core strategy is based on the better late than never concept. Announcing the closure of all supermarkets while at the same time already taking into account the fate of the informal sector, the poor people and the disabled people amongst others would have avoided unnecessary tensions, hearsay spreading  and questionings. 

However, it is clear now considering the escalating figures of contaminated people, now 48,  that having a total lockdown in the country is vital with the overwhelming civilian irresponsibility rate in the country. Here, government is left with no other choices than closing everything everywhere. 

Let us be clear, our aim is and should be; flattening this exponential curve of contamination. A specific strategy should thus be adopted in each and every sector. Be it, the health sector, the educational sector, the economic sector, law and order, communication and so on. 

The priorities and strategy implemented defers by country around the world. 

 India for instance, is working much on its communication strategy. A WhatsApp Helpdesk has been set up, open to the population with official information and updates about the Covid-19 and the mesures taken by government. Also, the IT ministry is collaborating with social media service providers to remove or disable all fake contents related to the pandemic circulating in the country. 

In South Africa, the economic strategy is social-based so as for the government to cater for the most vulnerable segment of society to the best of its capabilities. 

Getting back to reality, the UK finally abandoned its 'herd immunity' strategy while at the same time already causing unnecessary contamination if not deaths. 

Ghana and Rwanda's drone network for the delivery of medical supplies which was set up some years back could also be taken as an example in this global endeavour of self-quarantine. 

So finally, facing this crisis together and for the first time, all citizens of the world have to some extent, to endure their government's experiments and trials with faith of a limited error margin. Some are obviously better than others, tackling the situation strongly and bringing results, while others are still trying to settle their foot down. 

The question is, what about us?


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