Liars, cheaters and autocrats

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After having observed this government for nearly three years and having witnessed the tears, pain and miseries undergone by the poor people whose houses have been crushed down and without forgetting the precarious financial situation of the needy cleaners, I could not refrain myself from writing these few lines, in order to bring to the attention of the nation how we have been hoodwinked, duped and betrayed. 

After having won a landslide victory in 2014, the main focus ought to have been the creation of a conducive atmosphere for investors followed by a strategic plan to create jobs and alleviate the burden of the poor. Instead, leading by some top “Lepep” brass, the whole focus was diverted towards eliminating potential opponents. So, they started a witch hunt operation, along with political vendetta. Meanwhile expectation was very high in the population. In this operation, even Arvin Boolell was not spared. Can anyone, compared to politicians, raise a finger against Arvin? I dare challenge. 

Sincere in their belief of eliminating all obstacles, they arrested Shakeel Mohamed. Can anyone say why? Was there any incriminating evidence? The strategy was simple. Eliminate Shakeel along with character assassination so that the famous stooge could become the leader of a section of the population, forgetting that Shakeel has never been and will never be a leader of any particular section of the population. He is simply a leader of all Mauritians. In order to accomplish their insidious plan, they simply wanted to eliminate the power of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) by presenting a Bill in the Parliament so that their way is cleared of any obstacles. 

Fortunately for the nation, the DPP could read their dark plan and was able to outplay their move. One of the previous partners, the PMSD, preferred leaving the government than to approve such a Bill. The action of Xavier-Luc Duval was much laudable. The situation started getting from bad to worse. There was widespread disappointment and intense manifestation of frustration. Very rightly, MP Sangeet Fowdar could not hold his tongue and exposed the wrongdoings of the government. 

In these circumstances, the “Bal Kouler” case appeared and Raj Dayal was forced to step down without any inquiry. At the same time, Badhain and Collendavelloo were fighting like cats and dogs. Meanwhile, the Euro loan case appeared, which gave an open war between Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo and Roshi Badhain, with accusations being made both ways. The rot started getting fast within the government itself. Consequently, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo was forced to step down against his will. The big question is that he has been disqualified as Finance minister, how is he qualified for minister of External Affairs? Perhaps Etienne Sinatambou has the answer.  

Meanwhile the verdict came in favour of Pravind Jugnauth. In the midst of this chaotic situation and political turmoil, Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ) deserted the population. He stepped down and pushed his son as Prime Minister (PM). In so doing, the threshold of our democratic system has been crossed, which has created a total breach of public trust which, in turn, has given birth to a credibility crisis. This crisis is still overwhelming the whole country. The reason behind this passage of power is that we are a Westminster system. While the population was, and still is, in a desperate situation.

Later, the whole nation was shocked to learn the dismissal of Megh Pillay from Air Mauritius and the upgrading of one Mike Seetaramadoo. SAJ was not happy about this. The PM has been imposed on the population. The whole nation is a captive of only one family. This family has spread its tentacles throughout the whole island. The catastrophic situation that is prevailing at Air Mauritius is shocking and heart-breaking. Mismanagement by stooges has led to a total failure. The aviation sector is in danger due to lack of vision and leadership.

As far as our police force is concerned, who is the boss? Bear it well in your mind, Mr. Lepep and Mr. Police, laxity, shoddy and botching up of probe in some high profile cases are not going unnoticed by the population. Sooner or later somebody will have to account for these glaring cover-ups and non-transparencies. 

Now as far as MBC is concerned, how can we forget the heinous role played by the MBC TV these days? Previous governments have made abusive use of our national station. This government is outrageously abusing it. Every day we have the painful sight to attend a political meeting by either a one-man-show or by any Lepep family member. Every public and TV appearance of this PM is a glitz. People are fed up. It is just an overdose. More than 50 % of the population of the Mauritian family do not watch MBC TV. 

A few days back, the Mauritius Sanatan Darma Temples Federation organized the Diwali festival and among the guests were the leader of the MMM, the leader of the Labour Party and the leader of the opposition, Xavier-Luc Duval, in the front line. To the surprise of one and all, the cameras of our national TV did not focus for one second on any of these leaders, not even the leader of the opposition. What a shame! 

This odious attitude of our national station has been unequivocally condemned by the whole nation. What did you say, Mr. Lepep? «Mo koné kot mo pé alé ?» Our democracy is simply going down the drain. The whole nation is funding for the survival of the MBC TV. 

Adding insult to injuries, day-in, day-out, Mr. Lepep leaves no occasion to target Navin Ramgoolam, making scathing and sardonic attacks. It is a strategy to run away from real issues. The gist of his speech is always Navin Ramgoolam. For the past three years the same narrative is being repeated, like a broken record harping on the same string. Let me remind you Mr. Lepep, Navin Ramgoolam is in «karo kann». It is a sign of panic. The presence of the leader of the Labour Party gives you nightmares. After all, how long are you going to parasitize on the few mistakes Navin Ramgoolam has committed to gain political capital? The leader of the Labour Party knows his mistakes and has already confessed. 

As a matter of fact, lies and scandals have become the trademark of this government. It goes without saying that successive scandals have jolted it. In fact, this government is a factory for scandals. One of the biggest scandals is the massive investment in Moka–Quartier-Militaire to the detriment of all the remaining constituencies, as if only Moka–Quartier-Militaire exists on the map of Mauritius. Spending lavishly in no8 is a strategy to avoid decapitation. They were supposed to work for the development of the whole island. What a shame! How many rogues this government is going to shield? If it goes on like this, we are going to be recognized as a rogue state.

There is no need to comment the cosy nexus between drug barons and some political leaders. Rhetorical statements have never prevailed over vision, creation, action and implementation. How can anyone with a myopic vision and self-centered character allow probity to prevail over politics and power? The whole nation was shocked by the reaction of the mentor minister concerning the situation of the cleaners. SAJ has easily forgotten those difficult days when he was young, running after «papiyon dan bor larivier». Crocodile tears. 

Intrinsically, when cornered, both Papa and Piti have the same acrimonious tone and turbulent language, whether to the press or opposition. Under the pretext that our parliamentary system is a Westminster one, they justify the passage of Prime-ministership to Pravind Jugnauth. If it is one, why don’t you go for a clean mandate, just like Theresa May? How come Tarolah is still honourable? Practically, it was not, it is not and probably will never be a British system. 

In these prevailing circumstances, the whole nation will be surprised to see any ally hunter who is going to share the platform of Lepep and at the same time endorses its misdeeds and become the dynasty saviour. Following a hearse from far or from near leads only to… So beware.

As for Madame Speaker, please show some neutrality to avoid pandemonium in the Assembly. Very often, it is obvious as to where the political scale is tilting. Lastly, how can anyone with the least iota of intelligence, vision and a sense of patriotism, attribute sagacity to those who have been on power all the way since December 2014?

With such a huge concentration of power in the hands of only one individual, no doubt we are heading towards an autocratic system if it is not already one.

God save the dynasty!

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