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After all the scandals that we have heard on women in very high position these last few months, Nirmala Maruthamuthu, brings some fresh air. It takes one woman to go against the grain, to have the courage of her conviction and to stand up to challenge the Arabian Prince of Mauritius and Nirmala did it.

The key note address in a workshop on housing is certainly not the forum to talk about the Prince of Saudi Arabia or the private life of a former Prime Minister as Maruthamuthu rightly pointed out to Soodhun, aka Arabian Prince of Mauritius. It is not because Soodhun has turned himself into a Prince that he can allow himself to insult Mauritians. Fortunately for Nirmala, he did not ask his bodyguard to give him a gun!!!

It is about time that politicians get some training on human rights, democracy, gender equality and learn how to talk and know what to say and where!

At a time when poverty is rife, when women have to prostitute themselves for a living, when women do not know how to feed children, when mothers are crying because their homes are being taken away to build the famous Metro Express, a Minister dares to insult a woman in a workshop. It is unfortunate that all the participants in the workshop did not do a walkout when Soodhun ordered Maruthamuthu out.

Maruthamuthu must be congratulated not for putting Soodhun in his place, but also for refusing to meet him. Why does Soodhun want to meet with the lady now? Instead of asking the lady to meet him, he should make an official apology not only to Nirmala but to the population at large. The Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, should have taken Soodhun to task.

Fortunately, the media is giving us a voice. Just go on the social media, Hon. Soodhun, and you will see how your already tarnished reputation is being damaged even more. But the sad thing about it is that the international community is having a good laugh on the psychiatric conditions of some of our politicians.

Mind your language and “bat ou lalang 7 fwa avan kozé” might help you a little bit, Mr. Soodhun. The role of a politician and even more a Minister and, in this case, a Senior Minister is not to insult people but to provide political oversight, legitimacy and accountability to the actions of government. You are doing exactly the contrary. You are doing more harm than good not only to yourself, but to the government, your party and people you are supposed to serve.

Let us hope that there will be an emergence of many more Nirmalas, be it female or male.

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