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Historians of this country reach for your laptops. There are events going on you do not want to miss. Events which will make future generations come to be ashamed of their ancestors.

The speed with which some of the people we elected in good faith are chasing a few morsels of privileges is stunning. No friendship, no loyalty, let alone any consideration for us – the morons who elected them. The only thing that seems to matter is gain – their irresistible lust for money and sucking the blood of the hapless taxpayers.
First, the obscure lady who remains under the impression that she has really made a difference to the lives of her constituents and to the country as a whole just by sitting quietly in the national assembly for two years making sure no one ever heard or noticed her. Unknown to most people, including journalists who go to the national assembly every week, she suddenly became very visible, very important and hit the headlines. Mauritius then discovered that her name is Marie Claire Monty. A name which will become synonymous with turning coat and crossing the floor – by far her only noticeable action since she was elected.

Then, the one who had been thrust on to a ministerial armchair and spent his time struggling to adjust to it, followed suit. Having stabbed his close friend and leader in the back, Alain Wong is now traipsing to join what is left of the Alliance Lepep and aid another attempt at passing a very dangerous bill the legal profession and other prominent professionals have been condemning for weeks. But worry not, he will be handsomely rewarded for ratting. He has proved that friendship, loyalty and the country’s interests become meaningless compared to personal gain.

This is not about defending the PMSD or claiming that they have always acted as ethical paragons. Our readers will recall how hard we came down on Mireille Martin and Pratibha Bholah when they tiptoed out of the MSM to be handsomely rewarded by the Labour Party they joined. It is about how easy it is to sell one’s soul for gain, irrespective of parties. What is even more despicable is that turncoats shamelessly make their shameful move worse by insulting our intelligence: they hide behind their constituents whose opinion they brandish as if they had talked to all of them through some secret referendum whose results only they can see!

What these political Judases fail to realise is that there is always a day of reckoning. Once their conscience has been sold, they cannot buy it back. They should ask themselves why them instead of other more likely traitors. It was easier for the MSM to poach in the territory of the ‘independent’ MPs who have been drooling for a bone – any bone – since they left their party. The answer is simple: First, to be consistent with their unquenchable thirst for revenge, the MSM wants to decimate the PMSD. The traitors have no problem handing the hammer over to the MSM and watching the party which built and honoured them being reduced to dust. Secondly, the MSM wants to send a strong message to its ally – the greedy Chihuahua who suddenly woke up and started baring his blunt teeth. But there is also one important factor: the MSM would rather not trust those who have already ratted once before.

Our MPs have a great and unique opportunity to find a good price for their conscience. Good on them. Inflation is high and all the items on the shelves are overpriced. But, for heaven’s sake, spare us the claptrap about the constituents’ desire, higher interests of the country and all the ills suddenly discovered in a party where everything was fine, thank you, for as long as they were in power!

When you are stuck deep in illegitimacy, immorality, depravity, decadence and moral bankruptcy, one piece of advice: stop digging!

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