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All this talk about needing elections. Despite the clamour of Opposition parties, you might wonder if they really want one. Admirables are reputed to have short memories – and politicians’ seem even shorter – but who in her right mind is going to vote for parties whose leaders are at best damaged bads.

Mind you, it’s not a very good idea to consider the premiership your personal fiefdom –  and anticipating a legal judgement appears a tad cavalier – but then the Sage was probably in a hurry to catch his plane and made a slip of the tongue. Whenever there’s a resignation at the top, it’s obvious that the President will invite the leader of the Assembly’s largest party to form a government. Even the most obtuse knows what that means. Still, whatever the Sage next declares, there’ll be comments from an ex-PM although you might have thought it was for elected MPs to voice their party’s views.

Parallels have been made with Westminster, where some claim Mother Teresa should go the country to validate her leadership. The chances are she won’t. Mind you, she herself called on Brown to go to the polls when Blair flounced out of office and he’d probably have won if he had, but he didn’t – and lost a few years later.

The media is having a field day making mountains out of molehills. Moles, incidentally, are considered agricultural pests in some countries, while in others, such as Germany, they are a protected species, rather like refugees. Still, there’s nothing like politics to sell newspapers although it’s only a short step from blazing headlines to what’s found on social media. It all reminds me of the baying of the Hoi Polloi in Roman times – or the GOP campaign in the US that may be sliding out of control.

Of course there are members of the government who have turned shooting themselves in the foot into a fine art but, like children, rather than continual criticism they need positive advice and encouragement. There’s a lot of talk of corruption these days but, despite the odd case or two, it all smacks of the pot calling the kettle black. Still, the cherry on the cake is people saying “It doesn’t matter what the Lady in Red did, she created jobs for a hundred people.” That’s all right then. Drug dealers and criminal mafias can now bask in a new-found sense of social responsibility.

There are calls for a new generation of politicians – like Young Pravind or a relative of our Pote’s? Any relative will do given the reluctance of Emmanuel, which apparently means “Paul is with us” or something like that. But experience is needed too. How much more effective might Youngish Roshi have been had he spent a few years on the back benches first? But where are the youngsters? At least the LP managed to bring in some new blood but their party seems to be ignoring them.

Perhaps Zeus should set up a new party although Young Daemones might seem a bit contradictory – and have a visibility problem. But Ancient Athens may be a better guide than the American system, riddled with dynasties – despite their primaries. It seems a rather expensive waste of time if the best they can produce instead of a Bush or a Clinton is a malign Trump. Maybe things are better here. Admirables smile at the Parti Malin but they aren’t so stupid as to vote for it.

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