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My aim in writing this article is to stop animal cruelty because I was really sad when I heard what happened at MSAW.

Same like human beings, animals were also created by one God. They also have lives like every human being. As the law prevents taking lives of humans, according to me, the same should apply to animals (dogs in particular). Dogs are the only real friend of man. The National Geographic Channel has also proven that dogs have been friends of human for more than 10,000 years.

Although they are not able to talk, dogs understand every single thing that one say and do. They also understand your feelings and emotions. According to my experience, a dog knows when his/her master is sad and happy. I have done these small kinds of experiences (really touching ones) as since I was a child, there has always been dogs in my house. When you are sad and don’t have anybody to express your feelings to or you can’t voice out something troubling you, resulting in lack of sleep and all, it is only your best friend (your dog) that is always here to listen to you. When you are sad, they come and sit near you so as to give you company, comfort, support and affection. They have their own way to do so. They also do silly things so as to change your mood and this really help, trust me.

By ill-treating animals, you are not only making a sin, but for those believing in ‘next birth’, these sinners shall one day be in the place of these ill-treated dogs and then, when coming in the point of dying, will know the pain and trauma of the dogs. Yes, I am referring to the case of MSAW. What is the poor dogs’ fault? They die in this manner for what reason? Only because they were searching for some food on public beaches or simply walking? That’s their punishment? A death like this! All the guilty persons at MSAW should be punished very severely by the government, that’s my appeal. I will do everything for the closure of that company and those willing to help can happily join me in this quest. I really hope that my message reaches all persons in my paradise island Mauritius and abroad.

My request to population and the government : let’s find a solution as soon as possible for stray dogs because they do not deserve such a dreadful death. I have full trust in the new government and I am sure that something will be done out of it.

Yuvdish Rampadaruth 
Former Head Boy of Sir Abdool
Raman Osman State College.
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