Move on Dr. Navin Ramgoolam – One error too many.

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You were given the opportunity to leave a wonderful legacy following that of the Father of the Nation. You won back to back elections. The Labour Party was handed to you on a platter without any contribution, but only because of a recognition of the great work done by Dr Seewoosagur Ramgoolam and his team.

You got to pick your team at every election. At the end of each mandate, you ensured that you ditched all the naysayers who stood against your wishes. You ruled the country rather than governed. You did have a vision and did good for the country. You implemented a vision beyond what the others saw.

In 1995 you believed that you could make the country better. In 1995 the inflation rate was 1.7 %, the unemployment was less than 3%, the GDP growth rate was healthy. Yet together with Berenger you were able to win the elections with a 60 – 0. In 2000, you admitted that you made mistakes when you lost the elections in 2000. You left the country with more debt and worse economic indicators. 1995 to 2000, for 5 years, not much of a show. You left all of us to guess about your future potential.

After 2000, you changed your posture and showed the humane side. You wooed the people again in 2005. You won the elections because Berenger would have become Prime Minister otherwise and you were helped by everyone who did not want that to happen. In 2005, all those who opposed Berenger and did not want to have him as Prime Minister, came together with you and helped you become Prime Minister.

For the 2005 elections the team that you presented, was a totally different one as compared to 1995. A lot of the new faces owing allegiance to you rather than the Labour Party. You won the elections handily and set down to work. You did make progress and you were helped by a team which was experienced and willing to do the job. The foundation laid by the previous government was followed and you brought your own. During this time, you were the only captain on board – Captain Mauritius.

2010, you joined forces with MSM and again your team was very different. One of your main collaborators, Mr Sithanen, was booted out before the elections. You did not care, power was too alluring. Grasping to power was more important, the work that you commenced in 2005 needed to be continued and people voted happily. Again, you needed absolute power and MSM was asking too much questions. You did not need any partner now since elections was far away and you could do without them.

Once MSM was gone, you were the only boss. Now you are the big Bwana and you could do anything. You did what you could to Soornack is your private affair. Who cares? However, we care when she becomes Miss Congeniality and is endorsed on all projects. When Soornack transforms from vendeur cotomili to Donna Prima then we all care. When Soornack gets contracts from your government without going through the regular tender then it is state affair.

I never believed to one iota that you would lose the elections because Labour and MMM together cannot lose. Simple maths. This is old arithmetic which has already become extinct in our school. Going by your age, it was taught in the school during your time, now it is not.

Not long ago, Social Media was unimagined and was too much of science fiction. It has screwed you over that you could not even imagine. And in future, Social Media will be there to take care of you. One Facebook page shared by thousands and doing it repeatedly will ensure your demise. You remember Vire Mam. Footage are being kept for you just in case it is needed. You are too old school to understand its impact as you did in the last elections. Technology will take care of you.

As far as coming back on the centre stage of the Labour Party, you don’t have to worry much. Just like Jugnauth did you for the last election, you will be toast. All the socio religious groups, all the different religious groups and everyone whom you showered with gifts and patronage was on your side. You did not even win your own election. Please spare us of your presence. You must go now. Mauritius will be better off. You ruled the country for 14 years and at the end we have a sour taste.

You are no Jugnauth and don’t even pretend to be. Jugnauth did it without a big political party and you had the biggest political party at your helm. You became the biggest joke of the whole African continent. During all your jaunts in London and around the world, your friends did not teach you that you do not keep so much money in the house. That’s why you have banks. Thank you Dr. Navin Ramgoolam.

Labour Party is the grand old party of the country. It will bounce back and you will be no part of it.

To err is human. But you have made one error too many.

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