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Divide and rule, this concept shall no more exist in the political arena! If you, politicians, want to be elected, come forward with feasible plans to overcome the various problems faced by the Population.

The population will be called upon to cast their votes in the coming poll scheduled on the 10th of December in order to elect their representatives for a mandate in the Legislative Assembly. Such an exercise is crucial for the nation in order to decide for which political blocs to entrust the destiny of the country for fi ve years. The matter of voting should not be relegated to mere simple decision of assuming our civic responsibility towards our country but it also implies thorough reflection based on trust, the capacity of transforming words into actions, a pragmatic vision and a realistic program for five years which can lead the country to sustainable development followed by fair social justice.

Since the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly, political parties and alliances are in ebullition focusing their energies in shaping strategies to conquer the majority of voters with the help of sociocultural organization, but they forget in their arrogance that we are not narrow minded and they cannot dupe us anymore. Despite the fact that electors have not really the choice between Crude oil and Castor oil represented by the two blocks of traditional political parties but still if we use our brain instead of emotion on the day of the elections we can compel them to understand that we are no longer blind followers.


Beware of charlatans roaming around with shrewd intentions to fool people by using communalism as instrument in order to make us believe that a particular community is in danger. We have to react by our votes to defend our community but my appeal is to not let us carried away by these nasty arguments. In fact we must realize that their interests are at stake.

In any democracy, whenever elections are organized, it represents an opportunity for voters to bring thorough reflection and deep down understandings by way of collegial discussions and debates which enable them to make their choice as it regards the future of the country and the fate of the coming generation.

Such exercise is of utmost importance because as responsible citizens, if we fail to do the right choice on the D Day, we will have to shoulder the burden of our wrong decisions for five years. Furthermore, let us contemplate on the qualities that we should look forward in our proposed candidates for whom we will have to cast our votes in the coming general elections.

First and foremost, we have to judge the intellectual capacity of our future representatives at the Legislative Assembly whether they can cope with the aspirations of their mandates. Do they have a pragmatic and realizable program for the country which will enhance the quality of life of their mandates and have the capacity to transform their words into reality? Do they have the capacity to address the multiple problems which we are facing in each constituency, if yes, what are the solutions they have to overcome these problems? Can they raise issues in respect to our problems at the Legislative Assembly in order to defend our rights? Can they mingle with the common men and be at their disposal whenever the need be to support their mandates.

On the national level, surpassing the bit and pieces of popular measures to lure voter, we would like to be enlightened how our new representatives can tackle economic and social challenges which are impacting negatively on the Mauritian economy. The country need to record an economic growth of 5% to 6% yearly by the creation of new economic pillars and the consolidation of the existing ones in order to ensure sustainable development in the country. We need to assess the capacity of both teams to deliver within a specific time frame.

Unemployment problems reached a rate of 7.8% this year. What is the master plan that both political blocks have for the creation of productive jobs in line with the qualifications of the citizen? Can they provide stability and can ensure a stable professional career for our youngsters of today and tomorrow.

Public debts keep on increasing with the present regime. The excuse: they are investing hugely in infrastructural projects. So should we give them freehand to decide on our behalf on projects which the country cannot afford to support financially? We have to make them understand that cutting our coat according to our cloth is of utmost importance and we cannot tolerate anymore spending of billions rupees in projects, which we car “elephant Blanc”, only for prestige.

Fraud and corruption is another major issue that electors must question the so called politicians. Both political blocs after having spent many years in power failed lamentably to tackle it, despite the fact, they set institution one after the other to control fraud and corruption in the country but at last they finally recognized the failure and weaknesses of the institution to eradicate the said scourge in the country.

In the past, the dissolution of the Economic Crime Office because it was not suiting some of our politicians and today, the Independent Commission Against Corruption institution responsible to investigate on fraud and corruption will be soon dissolved and replaced by the Serious Fraud Office. Do our politicians admit that these institutions were “des Bouledogues sans dents” and what is the guarantee that the Serious Fraud Office will not be the same?

Wastage problems in the public sector are another issue where we have to focus our attention. How they intend to address this problem in the future as we cannot overlook the different loopholes mentioned in the Audit Report by the Director of Audit on several occasions in respect to the easy going mentality of public servants. As we know, politicians are afraid to criticize public servants as they represent a non negligible bank vote for them but we should not forget that they are paid by public Fund.

In every general election, the communal device is used to parcel the population in groups and subgroups in order to awake the communal emotion of every voter with the ultimate goal to divide and rule. Before and after independence of the country, the strategy to divide and rule worked out to the benefit of our politicians but this time should we follow the same trend or we will say enough is enough. Voters, the questions and answers are in our hands, this general election give us the opportunity to prove to our politicians that we are matured citizens and we have the guts and daring to raise our voice to say NO.

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