Violence among students: the four accused

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The past weeks and the current one are undoubtedly shocking for all of us with regards to the increase in violence between students. To start with, we have a case where a young of only 12 years is witnessing his future being compromised. Following a dispute at school, he had to undergo a surgery and one of his ‘testicules’ has been damaged which has now been removed.

Then, we heard and saw the ‘Divas Wrestling’ at La Gare du Nord between two school girls, both under the age of 18. One has been attacked with a cutter and has to be in hospital while the other one is in police custody. The reason of the dispute - deux filles pour un garcon - should not be neglected

Now we are hearing of a new case where students have decided to take revenge on each other with a ‘sabre’ in Plaine Verte.

The question is: how much more to come and of what nature? Who is responsible for all these and how to remedy the situation?

Firstly, we can very easily point a finger towards the government for being responsible for law and order and especially violence between students. Then, we got a straight answer from the Hon. Minister of Education that ‘this is a problem of society’. But again, this sent us back to the government who is responsible for our society. We will surely hear that the government is not responsible because it has discharged its responsibility by providing for appropriate laws to be enforced and applied.

We can then turn towards the administrators of our schools and colleges. They are responsible for discipline at school. They ought to have the necessary resources to succeed in this task. However, unfortunately, we can see a legal barrier which prohibits a teacher from taking any action against students in class for misbehaviour or indiscipline at school. The teachers are therefore helpless as nowadays they have to fear for their own security at work, especially when some parents have  guts to come with a ‘pioche’ to reply to the teacher for having reprimanded the student. For such parents, it’s a great achievement to take a ‘pioche’ and go at school! Or that parent who dared  slap a teacher for scolding her child!

The third accused can be none other than the students themselves. They did what we saw and they should be responsible for same. But then we should ask ourselves how these students have become like that? What pushes them to behave in such a way, that we are unable to understand. Have we not gone to school before? So what prevented us from having the same behaviour that we are witnessing today from our children? And here comes the fourth to be accused… the parents.

Today, we, as parents we tend to shrink from our responsibilities. We are so busy in our mission to acquire more and more, we tend to forget that we are the ones who gave birth and that we are responsible for that child. Today, both parents are employed and do not have any second for their children, who are left to their own fate. 

In a recent past, when we were at school, our mother had the time to drop and pick us at school. She had the time to see to it that our homework was completed before we went to sleep and she would often seek a feedback from our teacher. It was a time when our parents would give a green light to the teacher to take any necessary action against us just to ensure that we are on the right track. It is time to cry when we see today’s parent slapping a teacher and taking a ‘pioche’ against a teacher. Previously, parents were conscious about the education of their children but today they are busier with their work and, once at home, it is more important for them to ensure that they do not miss any part of their soap-operas rather than having a look at their children.

There was a time when a child would be scolded twice by his parents if ever that child returned home and said that his teacher scolded him in class. Today, under the disguise of modernization and protection of our children, we have an over-protective law which renders the teacher helpless to take any action. We tend to supply our children with all the luxury of technology to the extent that a parent easily can gift his child a mobile phone costing more than his own monthly salary. With the advent of social network like facebook and others, our children do not bother about their own parents. Once at home, they  stick to their computers and laptops- which they enjoy- while the parents are also enjoying their TV serial freely. What a win-win situation at home!

How can we not accuse parents of being the true culprits of the current situation when we see the reactions in each of the cases mentioned above. The girl who was harmed with a cutter got the full support of her parents without the fear that her parents would query her about her love-affair with a guy at this age... It was again a time when you would fear and hide from your parents if ever your heart went for someone at school-age. And what about the parents of those who have used a ‘sabre’ or the one who harmed that boy of 12? 

Parents need to follow up with their children daily, advising them on what is right and what is wrong, guiding them in every step they take. Unfortunately, it is late, if not too late…..

If we cannot take any action to remedy the situation, then let us at least cross our fingers and pray ‘Oh God, please save this paradise island from such calamities’!

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