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Imagine the scene: somewhere in a country not far away from here, a guy is lying on couch as he talks to a bearded old man sitting in a wing-backed chair. They are in the middle of a therapy session. The old man is a therapist, he is keenly listening to every sentence the guy is saying and he occasionally jots down some notes on a pad.

The therapist says, “So, tell me about this world. You say that where you live, people walk around calling anyone they want from wherever they want at any time of the day?”

The client replies, “Yes, it’s true. You can call from home, or from the streets or even from the bathroom. Some people even make calls when they are in the loo.”

The therapist does not show any reaction to these words. He keeps listening without uttering any word for a long moment. He finally asks, “What about phone booths? Does anybody ever use the phone booth?”

“No. There is no use for phone booths. Everyone has smartphones. You can use your smartphone to call anybody. And you can also use it to access the Internet where you can do lots of other interesting things, like watch movies. You can watch movies on your phone when you are in the bus or in the classroom when the teacher has his back turned.”

“The Internet?” the therapist asks.

“The Internet is a network that connects people all over the world through their computer. Even people out of space can access it,” the patient replies, hardly able to contain the excitement in his voice.

“And what is a computer?” the therapist asks.

“The computer. It’s like a machine, like a giant calculator. But also a mix of a typing machine and a TV set. Everybody uses computer. In their homes. In industries. At the airport. Computers are everywhere.”

“A calculator that is also a typing machine and a TV set... hmm....”

“Yes, you type on it and you see what you have typed because it appears on a screen. And then you can share it with others on Facebook. Your friends can see it even if they live far away in other countries.”

“How do they see it?”

“Because it appears on their screen also.”

“So, it appears on your screen and then it appears on their screen also... Ok. Tell me more about that thing you said... Facebook.”

“Facebook is a program created by someone called Mark Zuckerberg that enables everybody to meet and socialize... They don’t meet for real... It’s all virtual.”

“Zuckerberg is that guy’s name? How do you write it? With a Z... hmm... like Zorro?”

“Yes... No, I mean he is not Zorro... except that he always dresses the same way...”

“Ok, what else can you tell me about this Facebook?”

“Well, it’s what we call a platform where you can post something, say a one line joke, and hundreds or even thousands of people like it... Well, they praise you for writing it.”

“Hundreds of people praising you for a one line joke. Ok.”

“That’s because you have many friends. Like thousands of friends. Not just jokes, you can post other stuffs, they will like them too.”

“Like what?”

“Anything you want. Like photos of the food you are eating. Models post their photos in swimsuits. Other people post photos of a snail they clicked in the grass. Or you can even post photos of your feet.”

“I see... Thousands of people liking a photo of your feet...”


“Let’s get back to your childhood... When you were a child, did you ever feel that your parents didn’t pay enough attention to you?”

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