The Prime Minister receives the Title of Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

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At the Fellowship Award Ceremony held on Tuesday 28 July 2009 at the Royal College of Physicians London, Dr the Hon Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister was awarded the distinguished title of Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) in recognition of the Prime Minister’s exceptional track record from the days he graduated as a doctor at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin in 1975 to his current position. This is the highest distinction awarded by the Royal College of Physicians.

The Royal College of Physicians was founded in 1518 by Henry VIII and is today the most prestigious institution devoted to the advancement of medicine.

On his arrival the Prime Minister was welcomed by Professor Ian Gilmore, MD, FRCP, President of the Royal College of Physicians. Professor Gilmore indicated that it was a singular honour for the RCP to admit such a brilliant personality, who is at the same time, a medical doctor, a lawyer and a serving Prime Minister.

At the very solemn convocation ceremony under the dignified presence of the President of the RCP, College Officers and the Registrar, Dr the Hon Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Professor Kevin Park of Liverpool University, who has made outstanding contribution to the field of Pharmacology as well as hundred other prominent medical doctors from different countries were elevated to the rank of Fellow of the RCP.

Professor David Owens, FRCP introducing the Prime Minister to the august assembly, spoke on his family, educational and professional background. He highlighted his long political career both as a Leader of the Opposition and as Prime Minister. Prof Owens emphasised the several distinctions conferred upon Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam by prestigious institutions in the UK, France, India and also in Mauritius.

Prof Arthur Hollman, FRCP who is and a prominent cardiologist took the opportunity of the Prime Minister’s presence at the RCP to give him a tour of the College, its historical library and garden and showed the Prime Minister the masterpieces and medical artefacts displayed at the College.&nbsp

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