HEADLINES: ISSUE 53 | 1 – 7 August

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A&A marketing scam: Slim pickings for the victims

On Tuesday, hundreds of victims of the A&A Marketing scam gathered at the Centre Social Marie Reine de la Paix in Port Louis to hear and vote on a compromise proposal floated by the administrators of the company. What did they manage to finally get and how much of an economic blow did they really suffer?


Vinod Rammaya VS Raouf Gulbul

Vinod Rammaya, acting senior state counsel of the Office of the DPP and Barrister Raouf Gulbul go head to head over the amendment to the Criminal Appeal Act. Does the amendment to the law extending the DPP’s powers to review past sentences on fresh evidence augur well for the justice system in this country?


Careers in construction and real estate: Where the jobs are

If you think that architecture, civil engineering or construction management is the career for you, don’t let the slight contraction the sector is experiencing scare you away. Companies are still screaming out for qualified professionals to fill a myriad of highly-paid positions.


When caring for a sick spouse makes you ill: The greatest taboo?

As catchy as the “in sickness and in health until death do you part” line is, we might have to exchange “death” for “depression” as 40 to 70% of everyone who lives with a physically ill family member ends up clinically depressed, according to a study. Why don’t we ever talk about it?


Social Anxiety Disorder: When a phobia is mistaken for shyness

Does the thought of standing up in front of strangers make you tremble and sweat profusely? Though shyness is something most of us experience every now and again, social phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder is something that can go undetected when people simply label the person as shy. Weekly takes a look at the disorder that tends to affect teens more.


Password fatigue: Sorting out the key problem

With all the passwords one has nowadays, it is not difficult to understand why remembering all your passwords is causing more headaches than it ever has. Weekly looks password fatigue.


The Hepatitis Virus: The little-known killer

We marked World Hepatitis Day on Sunday but the fact remains that there is a blatant lack of awareness about this contagious disease in Mauritius. An alarming 25,000 sufferers, according to the World Health Organisation estimate, are victim to this disease here.

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