Boutanive lourdement sanctionné pour sa performance sur Pablo

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Jean-Roland Boutanive a été longuement interrogé pour sa monte sur Pablo dans la 4e course samedi.

Après enquête, les commissaires lui ont infligé une suspension de six journées et une amende de Rs 50 000. Il lui a été reproché de n’avoir pas respecté les consignes de son entraîneur Bud Gujadhur.

Le communiqué des commissaires à ce sujet se lit comme suit: The Stewards inquired into the handling of Pablo. Evidence was taken from trainer B. Gujadhur and jockey Boutanive. Trainer Gujadhur explained that as the stable had two runners engaged, the instructions to jockey Boutanive were given before the Stewards prior to the running of this race. These instructions being to endeavour to jump well and lead, however if unable to do this, then to race in a forward position one-wide and then attempt to improve from leaving the 400 metres. Jockey Boutanive confirmed that these were the instructions that were given before the race and explained his mount jumped awkwardly, as such he was of the opinion that he would be unable to lead, therefore he put pressure on his mount to secure a forward position and then passing the winning post took his mount onto the rails behind Paris Skye. However, whilst doing this, Pablo was inclined to race ungenerously, then down the back straight was unable to improve as he was racing on the inside of Monomotapa and as other runners improved around him he was obliged to race further back than he would have wished, then in the home straight was able to make up ground to finish 4th.&nbsp The Stewards then questioned Boutanive if he was in a position to follow Promise Keeper in the early stages, in this way maintaining the one-wide position in accordance with his instructions. Jockey Boutanive replied that in his opinion the leaders were travelling too fast and it was in the best interest of his mount to cross onto the rails behind Paris Skye. After viewing the films and listening to the explanations tendered by jockey Boutanive, trainer Gujadhur was of the opinion that jockey Boutanive had erred and should have maintained his position behind Promise Keeper which would have allowed him to race in second position outside Promise Keeper when that gelding was taken to the lead instead of being held up behind other runners down the back straight. After consideration, jockey Boutanive pleaded guilty to contravening MTC Rule of Racing 160 (a) for failing to take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure that Pablo was given full opportunity to obtain the best possible place in the field, the particulars being that approaching the 1350 metres he unnecessarily steadied his mount in an attempt to take it away from the position from behind Promise Keeper contrary to his instructions to eventually take it onto the rails passing the 1250 metres and in doing so checking Little Big Man. As a result of this, he obliged his mount to race further back than required which resulted in Pablo then being blocked, unable to improve and when other runners improved around his outside, turned for home in second last position to then run on in the home straight to finish 4th, beaten 1.8 lengths. He was subsequently suspended from riding in races for six Mauritian race meetings and fined Rs.50,000.


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