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Après avoir servi une mise en demeure aux administrateurs la semaine dernière, l’Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association (AMCCA) s’est tournée vers le ministre du Travail.

  Après avoir servi une mise en demeure aux administrateurs la semaine dernière, l’Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association (AMCCA) s’est tournée vers le ministre du Travail.

Les accords signés entre les syndicats et la direction d’Air Mauritius continuent à faire des vagues. Après avoir servi une mise en demeure aux administrateurs la semaine dernière, l’Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association (AMCCA) s’est tournée vers le ministre du Travail. A travers une lettre ouverte, la présidente de l’AMCCA informe Soodesh Callichurn des conditions de travail déplorables du personnel navigant depuis que la compagnie a été placée sous administration volontaire.

Open letter to Minister Callichurn

Honorable S. Callichurn
Minister of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training.
Level 1-9, Victoria House, St Louis St, 
Port Louis.

Re: Air Mauritius Ltd in Administration.

Dear Sir,
Further to the meeting held with representatives and negotiators of the different Unions of Air Mauritius Ltd (Administrator Appointed) held on 26th May 2020 at your office, we would like to thank you for your willingness to safeguard our interest as employees in the unprecedent situation  which Air Mauritius Ltd is facing, by establishing an employees' committee which would be a direct  line of communication between the Administrators and us, the employees.

Mr Radhakrisna Sadien will be representing AMCCA  to highlight our  specific concerns.

However we do understand that due to time and sanitary lockdown constraints, it was unpraticable that each negotiator and union representative direct their respective questions to you.

With due respect we would  like to draw your kind attention to the following points:


With the impending opening of the Redundancy board and consequent upheaval in our lives as employees and your personal commitment to safeguard workers Rights, we would graciously ask you, Sir,  as Minister of labour,to consider every aspect of such a decision of proposing a regulation to bypass union negociations regarding ERA regulation as per 3rd schedule, i.e. to exempt New section 72A (1) of the workers Rights Act as implemented under the covid Act 2020.
We appeal to you to consider the social impact and distress that this will cause to the employees should this law be bypassed.

2. Importance of our CA regulating our conditions of work as cabin crew.

The fact that the specificities of our job description as cabin crew, we are not fully protected under the  legislation of Mauritius. As such we as cabin crew find due protection under international aviation laws such  as to our limitation of flying hours and our interest are safeguarded in the different Collective agreements, over the years, signed with our employer Air Mauritius Ltd.

For instance, we as cabin crew are called to work on public holidays and weekends, and are remunerated as a normal working day. We operate  flights with long and undue hours . As such we  have entered into mutual understanding  on certain conditions relative to leaves with our company and are compensated  in same over and above the normal number of days of leave for a worker under mauritian law. We are still working up to now despite  the situation of our country and whole aviation industry with the COVID CRISIS. Our fellow colleagues are still putting themselves and their family at risk, ( two crew members have been infected), even with the ongoing administration. As we are classified as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE.

As such we as employees even if we have the willingness and good faith to safeguard the interest of the company we cannot disregard our CA which regulates the basics of our way of work where we feel secure and are able to be productive. However provisions in our CA, acquired during years of negotiations, is being disregarded by the administrators without any prior negotiations with AMCCA . For instance us  cabin crew  being from different cultural backgrounds are being unilaterally imposed to eat meals  with a reduced (by 50%) allowance with a total disregard to religious restrictions. Said  meal allowance would  then be paid in salary 2 months after operating flights.Basic needs under  the responsibility of  the Employer are being brushed aside in a unilateral manner.Same for other flight Related dues which have not been paid.

This is not promoting sound industrial relations between Administrator and employees.

The fact that today employees have presented themselves as creditors based on a backpay that is due on basic salary since 2014 and unsettled pension matters,shows that employees have been willing  to make sacrifices since long in the company.

We would like to bring to your kind attention that we proposed to the administrators as a gesture of goodwill specific parts of our CA. Same has been submitted to your office.


We will also urge your attention to the concerns of our members as to the discrepancies in our pension fund namely; Direct benefits pension scheme held by Swan from 2018. Our members have been made aware by different press article of such anomalies which could be catastrophic to our coming retirees. Will they be assured of their full pension?.
We are however left without any precision about the exact amount of discrepancies and the related impact on our pension fund. We would be much grateful honorable minister if the administrators could update us on the real situation of our pension fund and  how it would affect any VRS and ERS offer.
Employees also are concerned that the additional pension associated with the 10% raise in salary since 2014 was not contributed to their fund.


Please note that employees monthly pension contributions have been deducted but not credited to the fund for the last two months (March and April ) as confirmed by SWAN. We also confirmed with our  treasurer that employees contibution for monthly membership fee to AMCCA  has not been credited despite being deducted from the salary of same.

We  humbly appeal to you,  that all  be done to keep as a last resort the cutting of human resources. We understand that several means of funding are being put forward which could put our company in a stronger financial position; for instance the setting up of the Mauritius Investment Corporation; 60 billion MUR  from Bank Of Mauritius;
loan of 180 million euro given by the development bank of Africa.

Air Mauritius being our national carrier is a major economic pillar for Mauritius, and we urge you to get the government to invest in Air Mauritius for a healthy social and economic booster of the Mauritian society and mitigate the impact of the after effects of Covid 19 .

We as CabinCrew have fulfilled our contract with our employer with due diligence ,and  have participated in raising the tourism industry as a primary sector of the economy. Even with fierce competitors like the middle east carriers, we were operating with full loads up to the lockdown. Our contribution to the reputation of the island of Mauritius as a renowned leisure  destination cannot be brushed aside.
Air Mauritius was designated as overall Indian Ocean's Leading Airline 2019 at the 26th edition of the World Travel Awards and
Cabin crew were awarded  the prestigious LEADING CABIN CREW title for 2019.

We, the Executives of AMCCA having the aim of safeguarding the interest of our members and the hope that Air Mauritius Ltd will fly high soon, do trust that our concerns brought to your kind attention will be taken into consideration.

Mrs Yogita BABBOO ,
On behalf of the executive committee.
Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association.


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