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As we all know, the whole world is being hugely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has had a huge impact on the world, millions of people have been infected and hundreds and thousands of people have died. This crisis has also highly affected the world’s economy as many companies are no longer in operation and businesses are going bankrupt. While all this is going on, I’ve been stuck at home since we are in a strict lockdown. However, I’ve found many ways to keep myself occupied. I’ve been having online schooling so that I don’t miss out on anything. But recently I’ve been on Easter holidays which is three weeks long. To me that’s a very long time and the fact that we can’t go out and about makes it even worse. That’s when I started this online Harvard course on the art and archeology of the Pyramids of Giza. I highly recommend it for the people who are interested, it teaches you a lot about the history and the antiquity of the Pyramids of Giza. This course is eight weeks long and I’m halfway done. However, that’s not the only thing that keeps me occupied, I recently started to do a bullet journal. It’s very fun and interesting as I can write and draw about things that fascinate me. And if you’re not aware I am a climate activist. I am very passionate about our environment and I want to protect it from us humans. I’ve started an instagram page called, “Defend Our Future”. It promotes climate awareness and environmental consciousness. I also have a tik tok page about climate change also called, “Defend Our Future”. The reason why I decided to name it “Defend Our Future”, is because in my opinion it is my environment and my future so it’s down to me and many other young people to fight for it.

 I am also a golf and tennis player, because of the lockdown I am not being able to train properly but I’ve found some creative ways to keep fitness going. Thankfully, I have quite a big entrance and garden, therefore I can practise my short game in golf which involves chipping and approach shots suggested by my coach.I also practise my putting inside my house on a mat of fake grass. Whereas for tennis, I used the big entrance in front of my house to make it into a mini tennis court where I play with my father. I also hit against the wall to make sure I’m still keeping fit. Because of Covid-19 my family and I have been taking precautions like washing our hands properly and keeping good hygiene. However one thing in particular that we have been doing is drinking a freshly blended juice in the morning and drinking ginger tea in the evening. These drinks help boost our immune systems in order to fight off viruses of Covid-19. There are also more things you can do to boost your immune system like, Taking a cold shower in the morning, Drinking hot lemon water before breakfast and lots more. 

 A few weeks ago, a stray cat came into our garden looking for food. Being the animal lover I am, I gave it some tuna and rice. Because of the confinement, I was unable to bring it to a vet and because of that I felt a bit uncomfortable bringing into my house straight away since I didn’t know what germs it might be carrying. Personally, I don’t think it's right to keep our animals in confined spaces. Thus, I let it out in the big garden where she could climb trees and wander around. I also have three dogs who at first didn’t get along with it at all but eventually they became good friends. Till this day it’s still with us and my whole family has become a lot more closer with it . We decided to name it Covid since it looked appropriate for us!

 I have also become a lot more closer with my family as we've been spending a lot more time together. We have all developed a deeper understanding for each other. However there have also been times where everyone was just fed up with each other. Another thing you may not know about me is that I am a tabla player. For those who don't know what the tabla is, it’s an indian instrument that originated from Northern India. It’s commonly known as the indian version of the drums. I started playing the tabla at the age of six and I’ve been playing ever since. The tabla is a classical instrument which expresses northern hindu story tales that give people a better understanding of the northern indian culture. Because of the lockdown, I’ve been having online courses with my teacher so that we wouldn’t miss out on anything. I’ve also been practicing a lot home. Another thing I do as an extracurricular is public speaking, I’ve been using a lot of my time writing speeches for my online courses. One of my recent ones was on Climate change. I am currently writing another speech on Incredible India. I decided to write on this topic because India is a country that I have visited many times and to me India is a place full of tradition and culture and that’s why I like it so much. 

I’ve also used this time to start cooking, something I’ve always loved. During the past few weeks, I’ve made many things like mexican curry and tortillas, scones, pasta and a lot more. Cooking to me is something very relaxing and soothing as it puts my mind at ease. Cooking also  allows me to experiment with different ingredients and flavours. Personally, my favourite type of food is Indian food. I like Indian food because it has a blend of all the spices you can possibly think of. I agree that at times it may be a bit spicy for some people but at the same time the taste is amazing. 

This pandemic has had a huge toll on the world but we must overcome this great crisis together as one great nation. The whole of humanity has suffered deeply from this crisis, but at the same time our environment is benefiting from this. For example, there has been a massive reduction in the amount of air pollution as there are no planes or vehicles traveling as the whole world is in a lockdown. The habitat destruction of our wild animals for construction are no longer occurring since businesses and companies are failing. We must use this time to re-evaluate all of our actions and start over again with a more clear and positive mind set.

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow”. 

Anesh Mungur, 12 years old


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