Staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

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At the moment, most of us need to stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While we are at home, some people are busy working to make sure that we are safe.

So, who are the people still working? Do we know who they are?

Doctors and nurses
They are working in hospitals and taking care of those who are sick.

Police Officers
They are busy all day and making sure that the people on our island are safe.

Supermarket employees
They are working to make sure that we still have food on our plate.

The Government
They are working day and night to find a solution to help our people and our country during this difficult time.

And that’s NOT all! There are plenty of other people still at work. What job do they do?
Make a list of these jobs and say why they are important. Ask your parents if you’re not sure.

What’s the difference between germs, bacteria, and viruses?
Germs are tiny organisms which can spread diseases in people, animals, and plants. Some germs spread easily from one person to another through coughs or sneezes. Germs can also live on surfaces for some period of time.

Bacteria and viruses are types of germs. Most bacteria don’t cause any serious problems. In contrast, viruses such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) can make you very ill.

The importance of hand washing.

Hand washing is a good habit to have at home, at school, and wherever you are! And these days, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, hand washing is more important than ever. It is the best way to protect yourself and avoid spreading diseases.

When should you wash your hands? Tick everything that is appropriate.

  • • Before you eat.
  • • After you eat
  • • After you play in the dirt.
  • • After you wake up.
  • • After you play a sport.
  • • After you blow your nose.
  • • After you go to the toilet.
  • • Before you go to bed.
  • • All of the above

Answer: all of the above

Do’s and Don’ts to stay safe during the pandemic

Here are some useful advice you can give your friends and family to keep them safe and healthy:

• Wash your hands regularly.
• Avoid crowds.
• Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
• Don’t go out !

Can you think of anything else?

Grammar Corner  

The imperative form:

We use the imperative form to give a command or an advice. The imperative is formed with the bare infinitive of the verb (e.g: Wash your hands). In the negative form, we add don’t before the verb (e.g. Don’t go out).

We use the imperative form to make Do’s and Don’ts lists.

Activity: Making a poster on C

Make a poster using the above pieces of advice and add one or two of your own. Illustrate your poster with pictures and drawings and share it with your family and friends.

Be careful: Before giving any advice, make sure to check whether they are good advice!

Make a poster using Do’s and Don’ts. Think of all the people working to keep us safe. What can we do to keep them safe too?

  • Step 1: Get some paper, scissors, couloured crayons, some glue and some white tack.
  • Step 2: Make a list of Do’s and Don’ts - five or six should be enough.
  • Step 3: Take an A4 sheet of paper and write them down.
  • Step 4: Illustrate your poster with pictures and drawings.
  • Step 5: Put the poster up where everybody in the house can see it.
  • Step 6: Share your poster with your family and your friends.

Important: Only use materials you have in the house. Don’t ask your parents to go out to buy any extra materials!

Would you like more activities to do at home while schools are closed? Here are some more ideas:

Make a calendar, a clock and plenty of other fun things with our craft printable templates:

To create a bookmark, a stick puppet, or something else, watch our ‘How to’ videos:

Love writing stories? Check one of our story maker activities!

Last but not least, take good care of yourself, your family and all your friends!


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