The Mauritian brand, Helios Eyewear, proud to support the JIOI

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Helios Eyewear was founded in 2010, it is a brand that forms part of the Plastinax Eyewear family and ENL Group. It has for aim to make qualitative eyewear accessible to the Mauritian society at affordable prices. 

The brand provides an array of eyewear from optical frames to trendy or sporty sunglasses in a wide choice of colors and with not only their polarized and 100% UV protected lenses but also some specialized lenses (computer lenses, yellow night vision lenses, photochromic lenses, yellow lenses for trails) if requested. 

The Helios family; the team, its’ ambassadors and partners, work together to convey a ”young and fun” concept through their products, services and communication media and always put forward this trendy islander lifestyle so close to what they value, now even more since they have received the label “Made in Moris”. 

Proud manufacturers of Mauritian made sunglasses, they have decided to make their eyewear even more accessible, first of all by having young Mauritian ambassadors and partners who showcase the image of the brand and spread the islander style of living through their activities just like the brands motto states “Live New Adventures with Helios Eyewear”, but also through their customization services. 

Those services are BUnique, allowing their Helios Eyewear customers to personalize their eyewear with endless customization possibilities on one of their models like having their logo, name or whichever image or text engraved on the lenses, multiple possibilities of colors for the frames, whether it is one color for the front and one color for the temple, and these colors came come in three types of decors also in the colors wished and finally have the choice in which colors of lenses they wish, you name it and they make it! The other option was to also give businesses the same customization service, named Sunbiz, allowing them to have personalized and branded sunglasses representing their corporate identity for the launching of events, end of year parties, business anniversaries and so on but with their logo on the temples to promote their business. 

Through Sunbiz, they have had several great partnerships with numerous businesses, one of the recent partnerships being for the Jeux des Iles 2019, where they have manufactured sunglasses in the colors and designs of the games that are 100% UV protected for the athletes and also currently on sale at City Sports. Helios Eyewear is a brand that always strives to be more innovative in whatever they do and to satisfy their customers and Helios family, hence their new Green project that focuses on sustainability with their wooden sunglasses and even sunglasses made out of old recycled plastic frames. They believe in a greener and bluer Mauritius and know that every little action counts to reach this goal, hence their will to be more and more involved in this movement. 

To view more about the brand, visit their shops in the Industrial Zone in Saint Pierre or at Chemin Vingt Pied in Grand Bay or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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