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31st August 1997 – 31st August 2018

Twenty one years ago (31st August 1997), Princess Diana passed away in Paris. I am a Republican who has always been fascinated by her tug of war with the Royal Family.

Why ? is it because of her systematic defiance of the Queen and her racist husband ? Or is it because of her willingness to go out with some men tattooed as being villains because they are from other religious ? May be also because she was regularly flouging all the Royal protocols and royal securituy procedures. A fairy tale Princess…

Definitely the people princess will be remembered for many different things to different people of several walks of life. For me, one issue that will outshine others in my mind is : her sincere and incessant combat to ban landmines worldwide.

The princess used all her power over the media to sensitise the world about the horrific and indiscriminate impact of landmines. Around 60 millions of people still live in fear from the threat of landmines. Thanks to Lady Diana and also to the understanding dedication of the teams from MAG. The Halo Trust, Norwegian People’s Aid, Danish Demining Group and many others 27 countries have been declared mine free countries. But to finish the job as per the dream of Lady Diana it would take an investment of around £ 100 million (price of the transfer of Neymar – if only the Arabs world could have invested their money in hope) until 2025 to clear the world’s most affected countries of landmines.

Afghanistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka are the three countries that need our help. Sri Lanka is a country affected along religion lines. Tamils are those who were aimed through the murderous landmines at by the Sri Lankan military force.

But we must not forget that her Anti-Land Mine Stand was not always applauded. Lady Diana was criticized by the arm lobby. One conservative minister in England described her as a “loose cannon”.

No surprise that her death is riddled with convincing conspiracy theories.

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