Mauritian president on the way out after Independence Day

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Time's up for Mauritian president

Time's up for Mauritian president

The search is on for the next president of Mauritius after the week-long coverage by l’express of the most dramatic political conundrum in recent years is set to lead to the resignation of incumbent Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. The official announcement was made today by Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, who explained that the transition will occur after the Independence Day celebrations on 12 March.

When l’express broke the story on Wednesday 28 February, other media outlets in the country were reluctant to follow the lead given the severity of the accusations. In the initial story, the newspaper revealed that Gurib-Fakim had received a platinum credit card from the Planet Earth Institute, led by controversial Angolan billionaire Alvaro Sobrinho, and used it to make personal purchases ranging from luxury clothing to jewellery. As a matter of fact, she was even rewarded by another media outlet, on Saturday 3 March, for her contribution to the country with the scandal at its highest point. After an initial deceitful dismissal of the l’express documents by the president, suggesting that they were fake, she eventually admitted to the expenses and argued that she had reimbursed all of it.

What followed was a constitutional crisis where the prime minister wanted the president out of the State House but did not have the power to act upon it without calling parliament from its slumber since December 2017. However, with Cabinet agreeing to impeach her, the president had her back to the wall and was forced to accept that there was no future for her as president.

It still remains to be seen when exactly Gurib-Fakim will be out from the prestigious post but the prime minister has assured that it will happen before the end of the month as parliament resumes.


Un nouveau scandale défraie la chronique depuis le mercredi 28 février à Maurice. Cette fois-ci cela concerne ni plus ni moins la garante de notre Constitution, son excellence Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, présidente de la République. Elle a dépensé plusieurs centaines de milliers de roupies pour des achats personnels, entre autres, sur une carte de crédit Platinum offerte par la Planet Earth Institute, la fondation d’Álvaro Sobrinho, homme d’affaires angolais hautement controversé. Retrouvez tous les articles concernant cette affaire dans notre dossier spécial : Platinum Card. Une enquête exclusive de l’express.

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