Weah seeks to dismiss racist constitutional clause

Avec le soutien de
George Weah, president of Liberia

George Weah, president of Liberia

George Weah, the legendary football player, already made waves a few weeks ago when he became the president of Liberia. However, keen to make a difference as soon as possible, Weah has called for major constitutional change in the country.

According to the constitution of Liberia, a country founded by US slaves that had been freed, only black people can have the nationality. Weah deemed the clause to be blatantly racist and unnecessary. Over the years, generations of people with various origins, such as the Lebanese people in the country, have been unable to obtain citizenship and own land. "It contradicts the very definition of Liberia, which is derived from the Latin word 'liber', meaning 'liberty'," said Weah in a statement to the press.

Weah, who is the only ever African footballer to win the Ballon d’Or, won the presidential elections back in December with a landslide victory over challenger Joseph Boakai.

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