Council for the Mosques Mauritius call on PM to sanction MP Tarolah

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In a letter dated 23 November 2017, the Council for the Mosques Mauritius calls on the prime minister Pravind Jugnauth to take the appropriate sanctions following what the Council terms as “immoral […] gross indecency” by the MSM MP Kalyan Tarolah.
The Council recalls its commitment to “supporting and cooperating with” any government over the years for the “welfare” of the population and of the country. The Council however “finds it difficult today to continue supporting [the] government as long as [the PM] condones the […] indecency of MP Tarolah. The Council will resume its support of the government until and unless MP Tarolah is sanctioned accordingly. The latter is also currently “banned from all seminars, meetings and events” hosted by the Council.
Kalyan Tarolah, MP for Constituency No. 10 (Montagne Blanche/Grand-Rivière Sud-Est) was accused in September by 26-year old Latchmee Devi Adheen of sending her obscene pictures and ‘sextos’ from within the premises of the National Assembly. Following the controversy, Tarolah had to step down as PPS on 23 October but remains an MP.

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