Vice-prime minister of Mauritius asked to ‘step down’

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Showkutally Soodhun has been asked to 'step down'

Showkutally Soodhun has been asked to 'step down'.

Pravind Jugnauth, prime minister of Mauritius, has asked Showkutally Soodhun to step down from his position as vice-prime minister and minister of housing and lands. He made the official announcement during a press conference today, Friday 10 November.

The main event leading to Soodhun being asked to leave cabinet is a leaked video where he is heard making comments that can be perceived as trying to stir up racial hatred. The conversation was about the allocation of housing units in a controversial National Housing Development Company (NHDC) project in Bassin. While admitting to making the remarks, Soodhun dismissed claims that his words had any racially inappropriate undertones.

However, Jugnauth found it serious enough to ask him to step down. Soodhun – like many in this current government involved in scandals – will remain as a member of parliament while the police investigate the issue and verify the authenticity of the video. Soodhun is also facing formal charges for the death threat he made against Xavier-Luc Duval, leader of the opposition.

Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth also stated that he had no idea yet who would replace Soodhun as minister and on the front bench of the government in parliament. 


On le croyait invincible et intouchable après que ses nombreuses frasques qui ont défrayé la chronique depuis le début de son mandat et qui sont passées sans qu’on le sanctionne. Mais Showkutally Soodhun s’est résigné à donner sa démission d’un «commun accord» avec le Premier ministre Pravind Jugnauth, après qu’une vidéo dans laquelle il tient des propos à relent communal a été publiée. Retour sur le scandale qui a fait tomber le n°4 du gouvernement.

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